Monday, December 18, 2006

Time To Set Your 2007 Goals

The end of the year brings with it the hope for the new: New Year's resolutions, fresh starts, new beginnings, and dreams for a more abundant life.

I am a big believer in having written annual goals for what you want to accomplish in your life. Having these goals can help you make the hard decisions when facing a fork in the road. Reviewing these goals regularly will remind you of your priorities and can cause you to take the necessary action.

If you have never created written annual goals in the past, I challenge you to do this in 2007. It is not hard, but will require you to dedicate some time to prioritizing what is important to your future. The process of drawing your attention to your dreams can be very eye opening.

Begin small (but think BIG!). Set realistic goals that require you to strive to accomplish them, while at the same time being attainable. Do not try to prove goal setting as false by setting GIANT goals (yes, I know people who do this).

Focus on what it is you want in your life in three areas: family, career, and personal. In each area identify one to three goals that you would like to achieve in 2007. Be specific. Do not just write "My goal is to have a better marriage", but instead write, "My marriage will be more dynamic and I will take an action every month to surprise my spouse with something that will make them (not me) happy". Then identify those twelve actions.

Too many people use words like "better" without quantifying what this success looks like. Know in your mind what is your desired outcome, and know what physical actions you need to take to get there.

Focus on what it is you desire in your life. What you think about is what you get. To have not positive goals means that your mind will focus on all the bullshit that can creep into our daily lives. It is too easy to get our attention caught on the negative. Your written goals can help you concentrate on your possibilities.

For me 2007 is going to be a BIG year. I have some grand and specific goals for my family, my job, my book and speaking....and for myself (do not forget your personal is so easy to spend your days working for everyone around you!). I may not attain every goal, but by stretching myself toward the prize, I am confident I will go farther than I would if I just allowed myself to drift along.

I hope your new year is amazing!

Have A Great Day.


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