Speaking Skills


"I work with business executives, lawyers, engineers and technology professionals to improve their presentation skills.  I have been a student of the speaking industry for over 15 years, and have discovered the ability to help others become better communicators on stage or in small group situations."

Public speaking has become a necessity for career advancement, but many still dread having to address an audience.  I can assist people in understanding how to improve their speaking skills and become more comfortable with presentations.  

Speaking is a learned skill, and should not be scary.  I coach individuals or small groups to set a plan for constant improvement.  Together we work closely in the preparation of presentations, the creation of memorable stories, style and appearance, PowerPoint and handouts, and audience participation.  Video reviews of the presentations will lead to actionable ideas / guidance on how to take speaking to the next level.   

The onset of social media has taken the focus off the importance of personal communications, but the more we move online the more critical off-line activities are to individuals and companies.

·         *The dynamics of public speaking and stage presence
Small and large group presentations
Your appearance
Voice and gestures

·          *Design of a presentation:
                        Knowing your purposes
                        Understanding your audience
                        Managing time

·        * Planning for every presentation - never wing it
                        Crafting a talk – opening and closing
                        Reviewing and learning from every presentation

·         *Overcoming fears
Nerves, verbal tics, being yourself

·        * Including stories that have impact and meaning

·         *Using visual aids and PowerPoint

·         *“Speaker’s College”
                        Learning from every presentation you attend

·        * Understanding your individual strengths and weakness in presentations

·        * Ongoing discussion with your team about the power of speaking skills

·        * Creating long term goals to foster continuous growth as speaker / presenter

Thom Singer is also available for business development coaching and consulting.  For more information call (512) 970-0398.