Friday, December 29, 2006

Praise Others Project (December 29th) - David Lorenzo

David Lorenzo is the author of the book, Career Intensity, and a great blog by the same name. He has impressed me with his philosophy that the hallmark of successful entrepreneurs and top executives is the drive for continuous individual improvement known as "Career Intensity". This is not a genetic trait, but rather a focused strategy.

His book and his blog provide readers the framework to develop the habits that will lead to a lifetime of career success.

Lorenzo is a business consultant and professional speaker who had a very successful career with Marriott and The Gallup Organization. He now mentors successful business executives and helps them achieve higher levels of success within their companies. Using his extensive experience he assists entrepreneurs and executives in discovering their unique path toward better results.

I have been impressed with David Lorenzo over the past year and read his blog regularly. He is living his dream and helping others. I am happy to include him in "The Praise Others Project".

Discover David Lorezno today!

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