Thursday, December 21, 2006

"2007 Will Be Heaven" or "Why The New Year Holds Such Promise"

Darren Rowse at has his annual Reviews and Predictions segment up and running. He has already received over 209 links to brand new posts reviewing the past or looking ahead to the future. Very cools stuff.

I am not one to dwell on the mistakes of the past (and God knows I have made some), but rather to look ahead to what wonders await in the new year. I love the fresh start that January brings. It is a chance to set goals, to reassess your direction in life and reinvent yourself.

So here is my look forward.

2007 Will Be Heaven....or....Why The New Year Holds Such Promise

As the last ten days of December tick away on the cosmic clock, the new year awaits. The image of Father Time handing off the reigns to Baby New Year has always inspired me. A fresh start awaits each of us inside of a fortnight.

It does not matter what 2006 held for you, is over. Some people had fantastic years where they reached unimaginable levels of success. Others fell on hard times this year. Still others were just floating along in an endless limbo. All of it is yesterday's news.

2007 holds within its grasp the chance to reset your compass and head in new directions.

For me, I see 2007 as a break out year. I have spent much time reviewing how I have lived my life and where I desire to go in the future. I have had much good in my life over my forty years. While some bad events (even tragic events) have dotted the landscape, for the most part I have been fortunate.

I am a big believer in the importance of setting goals, and part of my December ritual involves mapping out what I want to accomplish in a variety of areas of my life. Family, career, my book and professional speaking, and personal life. Some years I have achieved my goals, other times I have fallen short. Either way I know I have done more because of the attention to these desires.

2007 will prove to be HUGE. I have struggled to find more focus in all areas of my life. I believe in the Law of Attraction, and know that good things can happen for anyone who pursues their goals. I am not going to share these goals with you in this post, but know that they will cause me to stretch myself as a husband, father, sales professional, writer, blogger, speaker, friend and as a person.

I predict that 2007 can be amazing for you as well. Do you believe this? If you are a pessimist, then all bets are are on your own. You will be one of those who just float along. But if you are optimistic and can see in your mind that great things await you in the new year...then you are headed the right direction.

You get to choose your attitude about the future. What you think about will be your direction. Thus you need to stop only seeing the bad in the world, and start looking for the good. There are wonderful things happening to people everyday. So many people who want to assist you to do more with your just have to find them.

So why does 2007 have so much promise? Because it just does. Make your 2007 awesome. Take control and just make it happen.

Have A Great Day.



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Anonymous said...

2007 is the year of heaven. I tell you the truth - this generation will have Trillionares in the future (in todays money value) - and we will join them

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