Friday, December 15, 2006

Praise Others Project (December 15th) - Tom Kane

I spent years working in the marketing departments of law firms and really enjoyed the "legal marketing industry". One of the reasons I liked working for attorneys is that most of them really needed my help. These brilliant AM LAW 100 lawyers whom I assisted were the best in their fields, and yet they had very little understanding of sales, marketing, PR, business development and public relations. They needed the skills that I brought to the table. (Although they thought they knew it all!!!)

Tom Kane is a blogger, an author and a consultant who is dedicated to helping lawyers become better at this mysterious area of marketing. Tom is a former practicing attorney and is the principal of Kane Consulting, Inc., a legal marketing consulting firm.

I enjoy reading Tom's blog because he always brings up issues that are right on point for attorneys (or any service professional) who want to grow their practice. He does not sugar coat the mistakes that law firms make in their view and execution of marketing, sales, business development plans (oh, and there are soooo many!!!).

I do much of my professional speaking to law firms and lawyer groups, and so it is important for me to stay in touch with what is currently going on in the industry. Tom's blog is one of my "must reads". I also forward many of his blog posts to attorneys that I coach to marketing excellence. I always appreciate his views.

I praise Tom Kane in "The Praise Others Project" for a great blog that all lawyers should read. And everyone else can benefit from it as well.

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