Monday, December 17, 2018

We all struggle

Good-bye 2018.  If you are viewing my life from the outside the year seemed fine, but the reality was there were some struggles this year.  It was not horrible, but it was not anywhere near what I wanted over the last 12 months.

I am not complaining, as I am fortunate to work doing something I deeply enjoy and to be ten years into working for myself.  Many people go to jobs daily where they hate their boss and feel they do not make a difference. I am my own boss and have constant feedback from clients when my work has impact.. .However, this does not guarantee that everything runs smoothly.

Without going into details, lets just say I did not have my best year in business.  I made some bad choices and had a sales slump because I relied too much on word-of-mouth for my leads.  I did not have a focus on an outbound sales routine and ended up with a few holes in my calendar.  While I did work often, I only make money on the days I speak, so empty weeks on my schedule have a direct impact on my bank account.

But it is okay. We all struggle.  I know this is true even though few people put their hard times out into view. My research around how people engage with their "potential" has let me look closely into the lives of others, and those who open up to me are often sharing they have many frustrations that keep them from achieving ultimate results. 

As we launch into 2019 I am changing up my routine and becoming more aggressive.  I am also paying close attention to my mental health / state of mind.  This is a topic that too few talk about, and yet our ability to perform is tied to how we are feeling inside.  The internal communication inside our heads can push us ahead or hold us back.  I got held back.

To those who resonate on the above topic, feel free to reach out to me.  No judgement, but I have discovered having someone to talk to makes getting past these struggles easier.  I am happy to chat with anyone, yet few people ever call.  I think partnering with others to help everyone get past their roadblocks is the easiest way to move toward more results.  

Have A Great Day

thom singer