Thursday, December 07, 2006

Praise Others Project (December 7th) - Scott Ingram

I could not imagine "The Praise Others Project" without including my friend, Scott Ingram of I met Scott eighteen months ago and have come to know him well. I find him to be a very loyal friend whose business advice I seek often.

Scott's goal with is to facilitate the relationship building process that is the core to business success. He believes that productive networking is one of the best, most cost-effective marketing programs a small business can develop, and has the potential to create powerful word of mouth awareness on a shoe-string budget. He offers tips, tools and tricks on how to network for all who visit his site or read his blog.

Scott and I co-presented four programs for the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce in 2006 on the topics relating to "better networking skills", and will be doing four more in 2007 (the next one is January 11th). He has been great to work with in creating the course materials. Our speaking styles are different, but we play off each other in a witty manner (thanks to Scott's wit!), and the programs have been well received.

I am honored to get to praise Scott for all he has done for me and for countless others in and around Austin, Texas. Thanks, Scott!!!

Have A Great Day.


If you are Scott Ingram, CLICK HERE!

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