Friday, December 22, 2006

Friday Parade of Random Stuff - MyChoice Gift Cards

Last minute holiday gifts? Yikes, we are all plagued by that one person from work, church, or family for whom we forgot to buy a present.

One of my favorite gifts (to give or get) has become the gift card. I have three godchildren who live over 2000 miles away. All three are my nephews and each has different interests. When they were very young it was easy to get them a toy, but now it is harder to figure out the perfect gift. A gift card is easy to mail and allows them to get something they will enjoy.

I also have found that getting a gift card is nicer than some random sweater or CD. Often people will buy something they like without regards for the tastes of the person getting the gift.

At holiday parties this year with a "white elephant gift exchange" the Starbucks, Target, and Barnes & Noble cards were the most popular (and were stolen to the maximum three steals).

An easy way to get a gift card is the MyChoice Gift Cards available from What I like best about quick gifts is that online you can purchase gift card and have it shipped, or you can get a virtual card and have it emailed. Additionally you can either select the retailer ...OR.... you can allow the recipient to choose the retailer from QuickGift's Gift Mall. They have dozens (maybe over 100) brand name stores where the gift card can be redeemed. These stores include: Borders, Old Navy, Eddie Bauer, The Olive Garden, Williams-Sonoma, and many many more.

Why make life more difficult with only two shopping days until Christmas. Give them something they will enjoy. Check out MyChoice Gift Cards.

Have A Great Day.


**I was NOT paid for this recommendation, I am a customer of QuickGifts! The company is based in Austin, Texas and I do know the owner, but that is not why I wrote this! I like simply like gift cards and would welcome you to send me one!

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