What People Are Saying 
About Thom Singer:

“Thom was a wonderful ‘conference catalyst’ for our global user conference.  His program ensured that our customers and partners got the most out of our event by encouraging them to “stop texting and start talking”.  We received numerous comments from our attendees that this was the best conference they had been to in years, and we owe part of that credit to Thom for helping create a great atmosphere.”
Mark McClain, CEO (SailPoint)

“Thom is a gifted motivational speaker who helps people connect on a personal level in a social media crazy world. I asked Thom to speak at Ungerboeck Software's Annual Global Conference and he truly became the Conference Catalyst. He connected with our Global User Group and shared some very insightful thoughts on networking and personal branding. Thom's entire philosophy, approach and the manner in which he fully embraced our conference and our global users was truly valued and appreciated by all who attended.”
Doug Archibald, COO (Ungerboeck Software)

"I wanted to thank you for your energy and facilitation at the conference.  I have been to a few of these type of events, but got far more out of the past few days, primarily because of your role as networking catalyst.  In the breaks after each of your times on stage I found myself talking with a new set of people, asking them why they came to the conference or what their major challenge was?  I made some great connections."
David, CIO (Entertainment Industry)

"Thom, thanks again for speaking at our annual meeting.  So often the 'guest speaker' isn't the highlight.  In our case, you were the highlight."
 -Rick, IT Consultant

I recently had the pleasure of hearing Thom Singer speak at a conference held by Meritas, an international affiliation of lawyers. As a recently licensed lawyer, developing and keeping strong business relationships is of particular importance to me. Thom’s advice on standing out from the crowd and building a professional network was powerful and effective – in part because it was excellent advice, and in part because Thom is such a dynamic speaker. I would highly recommend Thom’s presentation as a way of enhancing any corporate conference or retreat.”

Stephanie L., Law Firm Associate (Canada)

"I want to drop you a note to say how much I enjoyed getting to know you at the conference yesterday. Congratulations on giving such a great presentation! I have never been to a conference that included someone specifically focused on the inter-personal aspects of a conference like this, and it really did make a difference in the whole tone of the event! I walked away with many more good contacts than I ever have before..... I hope to see you at another event!

After the conference, I spoke to the event organizer about how much I enjoyed your presentation and the overall difference you made to the whole atmosphere… She wholeheartedly agreed!"

Bryce, Financial Industry CIO 

“Thom takes a practical approach to building relationships—the one part of our profession that can never become a ‘commodity’”.

Tanna, President & CEO of a non-profit

"My daughter recently graduated from UCLA.  She returned from a how-to-look-for-a-job conference with a bag full of stuff that included your book, Batteries Not Included.  I thought your advice was outstanding.  Your tips captured in print all the wisdom that I’ve accumulated over my career."

Art, CEO, Benefits Industry

"Just a quick note to compliment you on Friday's presentation. I appreciated the helpful tips and reminders on how to go about being successful at developing relationships. Clearly you have not only mastered the topic of networking, but how to present the subject matter effectively with humor and enthusiasm. A couple of points really stuck, and that's a good thing."

Brian, Legal Marketing Executive

"Thom taught me the most important lesson that I have learned as a lawyer -- to develop business lawyers must think like entrepreneurs."

Jeff, Law Firm Partner

"I wanted to follow up with you and let you know that my team was impressed with your presentation.  They all felt that you had taken the time to learn about what they encounter every day and this made your message very meaningful.  Thanks for rejuvenating us all with your inspirational presentation"

Jerrold, Travel Industry Executive

"Thank you for your presentation to the lawyers in my firm.  The materials and presentation were absolutely stellar.  You had so many good ideas that my only complaint is there was too much to think about.  I will immediately implement 2 or 3 of your ideas and I know I have a lot to work on.  We'd have much more business if we followed even a fraction of your recommendations"

Ronnie, Law Firm Partner

"I am writing to let you know what a great impact you had on my sales team this year.  Despite some large obstacles, we were able to hit our team budget and a lot of our success was the result of applying the principles you teach.

The way you were able to keep the whole room into your presentation says a lot about you as a presenter.  Too often during training sessions I will look around the room to find dulled eyes.  There wasn't a person in the room that was thinking about anything other than raising their visibility and growing their brand".

John, Publishing Industry Executive

"I attend networking events all the time.  I have to be honest, yours was the first one that made me want to go out and be a better member of the community"

Reid, Insurance Industry Advisor

"I just wanted to say out of all of the talks I attended [at the conference], yours was the most informative and fun!"

Greg V.  Technology Conference Attendee

"Thanks for a great presentation.  My wife said it was the best that we have ever had at our banquets"

Jack W. Chamber of Commerce Executive