Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Fresh, New, Incredible Ideas!

I was recently challenged by a friend to "think of fresh, new, and incredible ideas" in regards to my career. Wow. That is overwhelming. It is hard enough to execute on the same, old, stale ideas....much less having to simultaneously blaze new and uncharted trails.

But the challenge keeps ringing in my ears: "Think of fresh, new, and incredible ideas!". I want to do this. I desire to knock down all the barriers that surround me. I am inspired to find a new way to better accomplish my goals.

In the last few days I have been very focused on how many of the stale, old ideas engulf our lives. Regardless of what industry you work in, there are the dinosaur systems of how to get things done. These appear everywhere and people seem to take comfort in the tried and true.

Few people are actively seeking the fresh, new, and incredible. It appears many are just going along for the ride. It is no longer my desire to just be a passenger on the bus...I want to drive.

This is hard to do. To emerge from the cocoon and soar on wings does not happen overnight. It also does not happen by accident. An artist who creates a masterpiece does not do so without a vision. It also takes the first step to take action.

Are new ideas scary? Yes. Throughout history people have ridiculed the unknown. Columbus was laughed at by those who knew the world was flat. But he sailed west anyway. We need to do the same things with our lives. We need to find the "west" and then set out for the new world.

How about you? Does the above sing to your soul? Do you want to discover your own path to success? Do you have ideas that can help others (me?) to find the holy grail? I welcome your comments on the thoughts about FRESH, NEW and INCREDIBLE IDEAS....and how to go for it.

Do not just be a passive observer. Take a moment to add to the discussion. Leave a post. Link to another blog. Tell me a story about the uncharted. Make a difference in the world. Share.

Have A Great Day.


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