Sunday, December 03, 2006

Praise Others Project (December 3rd) - Barbara Walters Price

The "Praise Others Project" is now onto day three. The purpose of this series in the month of December is to praise other bloggers and authors whom have made an impact on me in some way (aka, to say "thank you") and to do so in a public way. While most of this blog is dedicated to my book, my opinions about networking, marketing, sales, PR, business development and other topics that I choose to rant about...."The Praise Others Project" is about others.

Today I am praising blogger Barbara Walters Price from the "BW Price Marketing U Blog". Barbara is the SVP of Marketing at Mercer Capital Management. She is the mother of two young daughters and writes a very informative blog on a variety of interesting marketing topics.

While I do not know Barbara personally, she has become one of my true "blog friends" over the past year. She is always supportive of what other bloggers do, and is always one to praise the efforts of others she encounters around the blogosphere. Too many bloggers are so focused on positioning themselves as an "expert", that they do not ever highlight any idea that is not their own. Barabara IS an expert (so she does not need to spend the time trying to prove it to the world). Her expertise shines though and she is so open about what she still has to learn.

Click here to read her blog. While she does not post often enough, you will find some useful things in what she writes.

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