Giving Back

The Kate Singer Endowment For Craniofacial Surgery at The Dell Children's Medical Center of Central Texas

"To whom much is given, much is required" - Luke 12:48

Our youngest daughter was born with a medical condition called Saggital Synostosis. Before she was born the bones in her skull fused together, something that should not have happened until she was fully grown. As her brain grew in size it began to cause her head to become seriously deformed. The cure was very invasive surgery, which would remove much of the top of her skull. We traveled to the Children's Hospital of San Diego, where one of the top teams of doctors was located. These phenomenal doctors gave Kate a new chance at life.

Today Kate is doing great. Her skull was rebuilt and she continues to grow properly. Hopefully she will have no side effects at any point. It was a horrible time for our family. She was only six months old at the time of the surgery, so she has no memory of the ordeal. Her mother and I will never forget. We feel fortunate that our daughter was treated and now will have a normal life. For this reason we have started an endowment to help raise money for research and treatment of craino syndromes in Central Texas.

In 2007 a new, state of the art children's medical facility has opened in Austin, Texas. We are excited to support research to help children and their families who face similar issues.  A percentage of money I earn from all speaking engagements is donated to the Children's Medical Foundation in Kate's name.