Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Six Degrees of Separation

ABC's PrimeTime did a show last night on "The Six Degrees of Separation". They sent two random people in search of a Brooklyn boxer named Petey, and then sent Petey on his own networking scavenger hunt to find someone else. They could not just call up and say "hello", they had to use real contacts in their networks to make the connection.

I missed the show, but about a dozen people emailed or called me about it. There is some video about it on, but not the whole thing. Apparently the experiment worked and these unconnected people were able to use their networks to track down their target connections.

Am I surprised? NOPE! Everyone knows somebody who has the connections that can open up a door. All of us have the power to meet the people we want to meet. It just takes effort, planning, and figuring out the right path to reach the desired person.

ABC is going to do more shows on "The Six Degrees of Separation" with more random people people using their network of contacts to track down a target person. You can contact ABC to suggest your friends as their next contestant! I have already sent them the names of some colorful personalities who are good networkers. Maybe you will be the next contestant!

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