Friday, December 08, 2006

Praise Others Project (December 8th) - Hugh Macleod

Hugh Macleod's blog, The Gapingvoid, is one of my happiest new discoveries. In addition to his entrepreneurial/new economy views of business and marketing...he draws unique business card sized cartoons with each post. His posts make me think and his sketches make me laugh.

Hugh lives in England and is involved with a variety of different business ventures, including Stormhoek Winery. I love the licensing terms for use of his cartoons: basically if you are using them for good and not evil (not out to make a profit from his art), he welcomes people to download and reprint the cartoons for free. For payment he just asks that you try Stormhoek wine (and then only if you want to try it). How cool is that! It just seems right.

I also like the fact that such a widely read blogger still takes comments on his blog and responds to them. Additionally he recently started accepting 500 word "manifestos" on a variety of topics from his readers and posting them on his site. It is amazing reading to see how random people from around the planet think through their own "mini-manifesto".

I praise Hugh for his success, his art, and his approachability.

Have A Great Day.


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