Thursday, December 21, 2006

Praise Others Project (December 21) - Tim Sanders

We are into the last third of "The Praise Others Project". Today I want to highlight author/speaker Tim Sanders.

I first met Tim in 2000 when he was the Master of Ceremonies for the KPMG High Tech Awards in Austin, Texas. He later came back to Texas and spoke for my firm at two different client appreciation events while on tour for his first book, Love Is The Killer App.

Tim is a former executive with Yahoo! and is an in-demand, dynamic speaker. All three times I saw him talk he captivated the audience. His second book, The Likeability Factor is the perfect follow up to his first...echoing his message of being a "love-cat" to excel in business.

Tim is the guru on the topic of people doing business with those they know and like. And he lives his "love-cat" ways in the way he treats everyone he encounters. He is just an all around cool guy.

He also writes a very good blog.

Have A Great Day.


If you are Tim Sanders, CLICK HERE!

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