Thursday, August 30, 2007

Austin Business Awards

Last night I had the honor of being the master of ceremonies for the seventh annual Austin Business Awards, which are sponsored by the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce. This was the second year that I have had this role of "MC". I had a great time and the crowd had amazingly high energy. Austinites have a love affair with Austin, and it was fun to see so many of the leaders from a variety of industries in our community come together to celebrate.

Over 1000 of the city's finest business professionals were present at the gala event, which honored twenty-one local companies and not-for-profit organizations. Awards were given in five categories, plus the Freescale Award for the "stand-out" non-profit.

Awards were presented in three size categories and a nonprofit for each category:

Community relations: RunTex, KTBC-TV, Temple-Inland Inc. and Impact Austin.

Customer service: HotLink Inc., Truluck's Seafood, Lombardi Software, and Meals on Wheels and More.

Education: Communicard LLC, ITT Technical Institute, Advanced Micro Devices Inc. and College Forward.

Environment: Habitat Suites Hotel, Green Mountain Energy Co., Advanced Micro Devices Inc. and the City of Austin Housing Authority.

Innovation: Decision Critical Inc., ID Theft Solutions for America, Higginbotham & Associates Inc. and Capital Idea.

The Freescale nonprofit award, which comes with a $5,000 donation from Freescale Semiconductor, went to The Star of Texas Fair and Rodeo.

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners....And thank you to the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce for hosting the evening!

Have A Great Day.


Legal Marketing - What Your Firm Needs (Part 4)

Law firms mistakenly believe that they can accomplish their marketing, business development, PR and advertising goals without making the necessary financial investment. The lawyers all complain about their firm's website, brochures, ads, skill level of the marketing staff, image, and brand.....yet they are not willing to make the commitment to these areas that are common in other industries.

I do not understand why otherwise brilliant individuals make their marketing decisions based on an effort to NOT spend money. The first thing that your firm must understand is that you cannot save your way to success, especially since the money is not being put aside for future internal investments, but instead all profit is distributed to the partners.

If your partners are earning more than $450,000 a year and they are obsessed with PPP (profits per partner), then you will never be able to make the needed investments in your marketing collateral and staff that will get you up to speed.

***For those who are not familiar with law firm economics, law firms release their "profit per partner" numbers annually and then rank themselves against these numbers. It is not uncommon for partners in law firm who earn over $500,000 per year to obsess over their firm's national PPP ranking. These firms make hiring, structuring, and other business decisions with this in mind. The main argument is that these ranks help in hiring to show law school recruits just how much cash they will bank from firm A over firm B. However, today's law student wants to see more than this from the firm the select. They want to work with a firm that is a well rounded and well run business.

Now to be fair, this is not all firms, but the point that you must make an investment in creating your visibility in your business community still stands. If the reason your firm does not have top level talent in marketing and business development is your lack of desire to pay competitive salaries, re-think your compensation for these critical roles.

Many large companies in other industries re-invest 6% to 15% of their gross revenue in marketing, sales, public relations, and advertising. Law firms are lucky to spend 1% to 3% on these important business practices (including the salaries of the staff). Legal marketing industry surveys praise firms that get close to 5% as progressive! These numbers alone show that you cannot expect to have even half the success of businesses in other fields.

MBA's study these disciplines in school, lawyers do not. Law schools avoid teaching the skills important to running a business (and yes, your practice is a business), which leaves many attorneys mistakenly believing that these are not important to the growth of their practice. WRONG.

If you want more success for your firm's marketing efforts, then your firms will need to get over the sticker shock of what it costs to successfully get attention in the business world. Get past the attitude of lawyers somehow being "special" and above "marketing". Understand what your client companies have known for years and make the investment.

But for God's sake, hire professionals to help you develop a plan and to properly select the best venues to use as a conduit for spreading your message. DO NOT LEAVE THIS UP TO THE LAWYERS! People all have preconceived notions about marketing. Often these opinions are emotionally based on what they see and what they like,...not based on what is effective. And PLEASE do not just look at what your competitors are doing and mirror their marketing. This me too marketing (which is very common in law firms) will just make you a commodity.

I never said any of this would be easy, just necessary for future success.

Have A Great Day.


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Kindergarten Networking - Guest Blogger, Leslie Morris

As millions of children return to the classrooms and the playgrounds this week, the natural networkers and connectors are starting to show their true colors. Below is a great story from Leslie Morris, who is my dear friend and the editor of my books, "Some Assembly Required" and "The ABC's of Networking".

Ab0ut Natural Networkers
by Leslie Morris

In Thom’s book, Some Assembly Required, he defines three types of Networkers: Naturals, Reluctant Networkers and those who don’t see the value of networking at all and simply don’t.

He writes that networking takes place as early as in Kindergarten on the playground and illustrates this point with a story from his own childhood and then attending the wedding, 30+ years later, of a friend he made in Kindergarten.

As Thom’s editor, I always thought this story was sweet and while I believed it happened, I thought it the rare child who really began making connections so young.

And then yesterday I took my own twins to their first day of Kindergarten. My husband and I arrived early enough to give them some time to run around before heading in to the classroom. Liberty went down the slide a few times and checked out the playhouse. Victoria started chatting kids up from the moment she reached the Monkey Bars. Not five minutes later she brought two little girls over to her sister and said, “Liberty, I want you to meet our new friends. They’re in your class.” I about fell over.

Fast forward 90 minutes. Kindergarten Orientation is over and my husband and I emerge from separate classrooms, where we have used the Divide and Conquer Strategy. Victoria asks me if I have any paper; I hand her three business cards and a pen. She disappears for a while and returns with names and phone numbers written on the back of those cards. And then she asks me to please call their mommies and arrange playdates.

I’m a believer!

Leslie Morris

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

66 Tips For Better Networking - #30

Route 66 - The Journey Toward Success

Intuitive Networking

According to the American Heritage Dictionary, the definition of intuition is: The act or faculty of knowing or sensing without the use of rational processes; immediate cognition. It is just that gut feeling that you have that tells you how it is.

This instant knowing is a ping in the heart that allows a sense of familiarity, the comprehension
of the universe. It has been said that a person who can develop their intuition can and will accomplish amazing things. To have this skill is to be steadfast in decision making, to clearly see the right choice at every path. These people with intuition are the visionaries shape the future. Intuition is a superpower.

It is important to trust your intuitive powers when you are building relationships with other people in the business community. When you are networking you will have many opportunities to encounter amazing people who can influence you life and impact your future. You will also meet individuals who can suck the life out of your veins. There are "takers" and "fakers" around every corner, and often you are emotionally and financially invested with these folks before you realize that they have no interest in you or your future.

Knowing how to read people and discover whom can be a mutually beneficial partner is a skill that will help you make, keep and grow your business relationships....and lead you to a more successful tomorrow.

Finding ways to expand and trust your intuition allows you to become a better judge of character. Networking skills, coupled with enhanced intuition will save you time and frustration
when working to grow you reputation and establish powerful business connections. Look into yourself to discover the other person. You will know instinctively.

Have A Great Day.


66 Tips For Better Networking - # 29

Route 66 - The Journey Toward Success


Sometimes you need to touch base with people to keep the relationship alive. There is not always a legitimate reason to contact someone other than to say "hello", but this gesture of showing you are thinking of them can keep you in the front of their mind.

In today's high tech world people are over-run by the number of people in their network of contacts. We know so many people, on a variety of levels, that it is impossible to keep in constant contact with everyone. To do so would consume your life. But to let relationships wither and die is not in your long term best interest.

For those who send holiday cards each December, you know the review your list and have to decide to whom you will mail. If you are actively adding to your list, then the number of cards grows. Most people make the decision to pare down this list and eliminate folks from their mailings. There are some folks from college (and other eras of your past) on the list whom you have no active relationship with beside this holiday card, but you continue to send them the annual greeting anyway. To remove them from your list will end what little connecting that is still there, and sometimes you do not want to let go of someone amazing. People do drift apart, but with effort you can keep them in your life.

A once a year holiday photo is okay for old friends who have gone different directions, but with those who are part of your business network of professional contacts you must do more than an annual card in the mail. You must find other reasons to have continued touches with these people throughout the year. A minimum of four times per year besides sending them a bill for your services.

I make it a practice twice a year of going through my contact database and sending quick emails to people whom I have not had recent interactions. These emails are short and to the point of letting the other person know I am thinking of them. They might read something like:


Although I had not talked with you in a long time and thought of you today and wanted to touch base and say "hello". I hope that all is going well for you, please let me know what is new and exciting in your life. I hope our paths cross soon.


These emails usually prompt a reply from the other person, and sometimes lead to us taking action and meeting for coffee or lunch. This can then lead to business opportunities or referrals down the line.

Many people are not comfortable reaching out to those with whom they have lost contact, or to send an email without a purpose greater that to say "hey!". However, if you wait for the other person to make the effort, you might be waiting a long time. Be assertive to make sure they think of you from time to time.

You will be admired for taking the action to stay in contact.

Have A Great Day.


Monday, August 27, 2007

Apogee Search In WSJ

I get a big kick out of seeing good things happen to good people. Today when I opened up the Wall Street Journal I saw a picture on page B4 of my good friend, Bill Leake. Bill is the CEO of Apogee Search, an Austin based on-line marketing company that specializes in helping companies maximize the search engine optimization. How cool it is to see your friend and his company in a story in the Journal!!!

Bill is a serial entrepreneur whom I have had the pleasure of knowing for about six years. His company is the real deal, and is consistently growing and discovering new ways to serve their clients ever changing needs in the complex on-line world. He cares deeply about the SEO business, and strives to be certain that Apogee is providing tangible results for those they serve.

The article, written by Simona Covel, focused on the practice of companies are paying bloggers to review their products. This is controversial as many question the integrity of posts for cash, but the folks at Apogee have seen the results. My opinion is that as long as a blogger reveals that he is being paid, then there is no controversy at all...the reader knows the facts and can make their own judgements. Leake and his team prefer that bloggers are transparent about being paid, and utilize PayPerPost, Inc as the conduit to finding and paying the bloggers.

The cost of this practice is a fraction of what companies now pay for Google Adwords, which has become a very expensive option for the small company who wants to have search visibility. I know, because my own efforts in experimenting with Google Adwords to promote my book and professional keynote speaking found more cost for clicks than results!

If you still have the August 27, 2007 Wall Street Journal on hand, flip through the MarketPlace section and read about my friend Bill.

Have A Great Day


PS - I was NOT PAID for this post! However, if Bill's crackerjack SEO team discovers this blog post, I will happily allow him to pay for my lunch in the near future! Otherwise I wont even tell him I wrote this. My guess is that Apogee Search has the corporate and the CEO's name set up for a Google Alert, so I should be hearing from Mr. Bill Leake within the next few hours to set up that lunch (you know, the one he can pay for!!!).

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Radio Show Podcast - Lewis Weinstein

This week we had a delightful discussion with Lewis Weinstein, CEO & Founder of Referral Key. In a world full of social networking sites, this serial entrepreneur has a new twist on how to make keep track and strengthen your reciprocal referrals via his start-up's business model.

Click Here to listen to the 25 minute interview. Also available for one week by clicking the button on the right side of this page!

Please take the time to listen to The Some Assembly Required Radio Show Podcast on the Blog Talk Radio Network.

Have A Great Day.


Friday, August 24, 2007

Either Way You Get Your Dog Back

Today I attended Oracle's Executive Business Summit in Austin, Texas....and had the pleasure to hear an outstanding presentation by professional speaker and business guru, Garrison Wynn.

Oracle, like many modern businesses, knows that success is about more than just transactional selling. In today's competitive marketplace you must create a community - a NETWORK - with clients, prospects and partners. In that effort, they are reaching out and bringing together executives in local communities and creating the opportunities to share real experiences with those in attendance.

I recently read about Garrison Wynn in Selling Power Magazine, and had heard of his reputation as an entertaining, informative and inspiring speaker. He lived up to the hype, as he literally POPPED onto the stage with an energy level that is rarely seen at 8:30 in the morning in a hotel ballroom.

His presentation, "The Truth About Success - Changing Markets, Changing Times" was full of statistics, anecdotes and other information which had the audience veraciously taking notes. However it was the five years Wynn spent as a professional stand up comedian that made his performance stand out. In addition to the text of his message, he had the room belly laughing for the entire hour.

Some points to ponder:

*Customers do not choose what is the "best" - they select what they are the most comfortable with. If there was an agreed upon "best" everyone would just buy that brand.

*The minute you think you know everything as a leader, you have lost your "wisdom". Remember that everyone has something different to offer.

*There is power in making people feel heard - Everyone desires to have you listen.

*How well you work with people you do not like will show how good you really are.

*It does not matter how smart you are if nobody understands what you are saying.

*Change is not the problem,....Resistance is the problem.

Wynn's messages always rang with the advice of never being too stuck on your own point of view and to be open to the opinions of others (co-workers, clients, prospects, direct reports, etc..). He brilliantly illustrated to the audience the importance of remembering that there are always multiple solutions with:

"There is a woman in Florida who is both a veterinarian and a taxidermist. Her motto is 'Either Way You Are Getting Your Dog Back!'"

I thought the guy in the back of the room was going to tumble from his chair as be laughed in a manner never encountered at corporate events. Everyone walked away from the morning with thoughts to ponder and a smile on their face.

Alas, Oracle scored with their community by not just having a motivational speaker, but in creating a shared experience of delight!!

Have A Great Day.


66 Tips For Better Networking - # 28

Route 66 - The Journey Toward Success

Sing Their Praises

Be sure that when you interact with other people that you are always talking up the amazing folks who already make up your network. Sing the praises of others as if you were part of their word of mouth marketing team.

One of the mistakes that people make in networking is that they only talk about themselves or they just ask questions of the other person. While just talking about yourself is bad, and being inquisitive of others is important, it is not enough. One needs to advertise the the highlights of people who are not present, as it shows that you are conscious of how those in your network impact the world.

If you make it a habit to regularly spreading news of people's good works, it will get around. Nobody can ever think negatively of someone who promotes them on a regular basis. This free advertising you spread cements your position as a valuable resource. Just as people hear whenever you say bad things about them (always avoid gossip, as it always finds its way back to the person you are talking about!), they will hear that you are praising them around town.

This vocal recognition about those you know will create opportunities for you to connect people within your network. Being a connector is one of the best reputations you can cultivate. You can begin by just letting others know about whom you admire and why. That is easy to do when you make it a habit of bragging on your friends.

Here is your assignment - Pick three people (who do not work with you) whom you admire. Now, tell five people about each of them before the end of the day tomorrow. The power of word of mouth begins with you! And by singing their praises you win too!

Have A Great Day.



Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Internal Crossroads

Do you ever wonder what your life would be like if you had made different choices in life? Where would you be right now if you had selected a different college? (did you know at 17 the power that choice had on your future?). Imagine if you skipped meeting your girlfriends at the bar the night you met your husband? How would your life be changed if you had stayed in your first job indefinitely?

Life has so many twists and turns I often wonder how much it would have changed if I had made different choices. I never know if I am living a life of destiny or luck. I love my life, and would not desire too many things to be different, therefore I feel as if my choices have all been important, as they stack on top of each other in a unique manner that brings me to this exact moment.

Hmmmmm, so what should I do next? I look around and see glimpses of what could be in my future and I hope that I am smart in my subsequent steps. I know I am capable of making mistakes, as God knows I have made many, and that can stall my actions.

Action is the key to success. You can imagine your goals and visualize their metamorphosis into reality, but until you get off your ass and take action nothing happens.

I know this, as I often find myself caught in a limbo-like state. I want to move, but fear, the unknown and uncertainty keep me planted in my current spot. I smile and hope that something will happen, but unless I take action, then my dreams will remain allusive. Self-doubt can paralize me and I make no progress.

If you have the desire to achieve then you must find clarity in your soul. Know what is the right path toward your future. Begin your journey and trust your gut instincts. Reach out for opportunity and allow new experiences to unfold. I will....I hope you will too.

Have A Great Day.


Legal Marketing - What Your Firm Needs (Part 3) or "Who Moved My Clients"

Many law firms are shocked when they lose a client. Even though much has been written about the serious reduction in the number of firms engaged by Fortune 1000 companies, attorneys too often think the downsizing will not effect their practice.

If you are looking for new clients or working like mad to hang onto the ones you currently have (and beware if that part about "working like mad to keep clients" sounds foreign to you!), you need to employ marketing and businesss development techniques. Remember, people do business with people they know and like.....but out of sight is also out of mind (If the use of cliche bothers you....too bad).

The fact that you have done good work for a client in the past is not reason enough for them to call you for their next matter. If they use the services of other firms you run the risk that your competition will figure out the power of cross-selling before you can cement your relationship with the client. Other lawyers also do great work for the client, too, (put your ego aside and look at this through reality colored glasses) and they might have enough influence to get their firm the work in your practice area.

Do not wait until someone moves your clients out of your arena before working on showing them how much you appreciate their business. Go out of your way to deliver good work on time, but beyond just billing them for your hours, thank them for the honor to serve them. You would be surprised how far a sign of gratitude can go to keeping the competition at bay.

You need to develop the habit of constantly having interactions with your clients that are outside of the matters at hand and collection of your invoices. Newsletters, blogs, client parties, closing dinners, phone calls just for fun, etc.... should all be part of your normal business life.

If your firm is fortunate enough to employ marketing, business development and client relations professionals....embrace them. Allow them to know your clients and ask them for constant feedback on how you are doing with your efforts to cultivate your relationships. You might be surprised how helpful these people can be to uncovering unique opportunities to advance your ever growing practice.

Have A Great Day.


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Be A Dynamic Giving Soul

It is no longer about you. It is about finding a way to impact those around you. If you do this, you can be assured that opportunities will come to you. You just need to find the right place for yourself in this world and you will discover that life has amazing things to offer.

Sometimes people struggle in their career. These struggles cause them to hang on with a death grip to their current situation...which makes their situation even worse.

Open yourself up to possibilities. There are people who want to see your success, you just need to know the right people. Examine the people in your life and see if they are supportive of you. If not, that is okay (it is not required that others make you a priority), but you may need to focus on meeting new people.

Surround yourself with dynamic souls who are not selfish and your world will transform. But to attract these types of people, you need to be one yourself.


66 Tips For Better Networking - #27

Route 66 - The Journey Toward Success

Don't Keep Score

People think that having someone in their network is "give and take". While it is true that we hope that everyone whom we help will find ways to reciprocate, the reality of the world is that this is not always the case. Not everyone understands the concept of doing for others (you do, because you read this blog...if everyone in the world read this blog, then that would be a different story!). Sometimes we assist others who do not have the ability to help us at later date because their personal situation is not such that they have the right connections. Others get busy and forget about those who helped them reach their success (shame on you if you have forgotten those who gave you a helping hand in the past). And finally, the world is full of selfish people who think the rest of us are here to serve them. These people are takers who would never consider giving unless they saw the direct pay off to their own bottom line.

Oh well. If someone misinformed you and think that the world is fair, I am sorry. My five year old desperately wants everything to be fair. She eyeballs each scoop of ice cream to insure that her older sister did not somehow get a little more. But the rest of us are not children, and at some point, if we are lucky, we decided that life is not a zero sum game. Just because someone else got something good, they did not take away our ability to achieve more in life.

When you are interacting with people in your business community, I recommend that you find ways to uncover other peoples goals and aspirations, and then find ways to help the achieve those dreams. Introduce them to key people who can make their life journey more carefree and provide them with the tools toward achievement.

Do for others without regard as to what they might do for you later. Delight in the joy of helping someone else. Thrive from knowing that because of your introduction, or other advice, that another person will see success. Do not keep score.

I am not encouraging you to be a doormat who lets others take advantage of you, instead I am telling you to look toward the greater good, and know that if you really are a resource for others that others will want to be a resource for you! If your attention is always on self, you will miss the opportunity to grow beyond your current situations.

Sure, there are countless examples of takers who have ginormous success. So what, do you want to be a taker? Plus, the universe has a way of knocking those folks down a notch at some point along their journey.

I know a person who is waiting for their "big break". They are working hard to succeed in their chosen career...of which they are committed and passionate. It is a long road, but I am sure he will succeed. In the mean time, he is trying to help others who are chasing similar dreams. He opens his network, and even is willing to refer his competition to prospects when his services are not the right fit. He does not keep score when someone else succeeds, instead he looks at the other person's victory as proof that he too can make it.

I admire the joy this person finds in the success of others and that he does not keep score. He believes in what he tells me he heard from Zig Ziglar: "You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want." Do this, but do not keep score. It all works out in the end.

Have A Great Day.


Monday, August 20, 2007

Blog Talk Radio Show - Week #2

Yesterday I had the pleasure of talking with Marketing Communications Specialist Marny Lifshen. Marny is a networking expert and is my co-author for "Some Assembly Required For Women", which will be released later this year. On the radio show we discussed how networking is the same, AND DIFFERENT, for women in the business world.

If you look to the right side of the blog you will see a button that will play the thirty minute interview.


Sunday, August 19, 2007

Eight Things About Me

I was tagged by the BabbleSoft Blog and The National Networker Blog for this blogging chain letter. I now must share with the whole world eight things about myself.

Eight Things About Me:

1. My mom missed my oldest brother's eighth grade graduation because I was born.

2. One of my vivid first memories is the 1971 Silmar Earthquake that shook Los Angeles.

3. In first grade I was on Bob Barker's "Truth or Consequences"

4. In college I was a five day returning champion on the "$25,000 Pyramid". It still shows up sometimes on the Game Show Channel and people I know freak out to see it.

5. I used to be a wedding photographer. I have photographed over 100 weddings.

6. When my oldest daughter was born I quit my job and was a stay-at-home-dad for two years.

7. I have worked for five companies that have gone bankrupt or closed their Austin office in the past 14 years. Yes, that sucks, but through this I have learned more about being resilient than you can ever imagine.

8. I am not that athletic but have agreed to participate in a physical conditioning class that is run by a former Navy Seal this September. Yes, I am planning on hating it, but will do it anyway.

Now, people whom I get to tag - I do not know all of them so I have no idea if they will play the game or not, but they can all be found in my BlogRoll:

Bruce Allen

Tom Kane

Arnie Herz

Tim Sanders

JB Hager

Tim Ferris

Scott Ingram (time to update you blog anyway!)

John Egan (same thing, time for a new post)

Have A Great Day.


Saturday, August 18, 2007

So You Wanna Write A Book?

Tom Meyer at Triple Dog Media and I were part of a podcast on how to write a book. It turned out to be a great time with good information, and thus many of the listeners have asked us to do more on the subject. Stay tuned for additional podcasts.

To listen to the one we did last week, CLICK HERE.

Have A Great Day.


Brand Autospy at TEXCHANGE

Author, professional speaker, blogger and marketing guru John Moore was the speaker at the August meeting of TEXCHANGE in Austin, Texas.

John admits he is an unlikely professional speaker, as few orators talk with a stutter....but that does not stop this doctor of marketing from jump starting the audience into their round-table discussions on the topic of "Business Wisdom Brewed From The Grounds of Starbucks". In fact, John is an engaging and opinionated expert whose enthusiasm and first hand knowledge are all that you hear in his voice!

TEXCHANGE is Austin's premier high tech networking and educational organization, and you might be wondering what the B to C world of a coffee vendor has to do with Texas's fast technology community. Moore is confident that the lessons he learned in the marketing department in Seattle's coffee giant do ring true for B to B techies as well.

Let's face it, Starbucks sells high priced hot water. While the coffee is better than Denny's, there is more to the success of this International Corporate Icon than just beverages. Starbucks has made the common uncommon. Anyone who frequents the chain knows this because you do not order "small, medium or large", but rather "tall, grande or vente". This is uncommon, and while it confuses the novice (my 92 year old father still cannot figure out why they insist on calling the smallest drink a "tall"), it is part of the secret language of the devoted.

Moore insists that many companies spend tons of money on advertising and other programs to create a brand, meanwhile Starbucks was too busy creating customer experiences...and the brand just happened. The trick is to build relationships, not transactions.

Another valuable lesson shared is that all of your company's marketing has two audiences: your customers (including prospective customers) AND your employees. Get your staff jazzed about your business and they will get your customers jazzed. True. How many times have you seen lack luster attitudes in lack luster companies? Yet those organizations that seep electricity are populated by employees who are engaged in the mission of the company.

Moore connected with the audience and kicked off TEXCHANGE's new year in a double vente manner!

Have A Great Day.


Friday, August 17, 2007

Tired of People

A friend asked the other day how I manage having a large network. She too knows a lot of people in the business community and professed that all these contacts leave her tired.

Her comment hung heavy in my mind for a few days. While I relish in keeping up with clients, prospects, friends and others.... I can see how the demands of interacting with others can wear on some people.

I have come to realize that all of us have different points of views on all sorts of topics. Just because I do not get fatigued by those in my network, I can understand how others are wiped out from the efforts of cultivating their relationships. Sometimes people are just draining to be around.

Feeling tired of the people in your network is not a bad thing, however one should not use this as an excuse to avoid networking and meeting new people. This feeling of being overwhelmed by those you already know can quickly become a crutch for no longer welcoming new souls into your life. What you need to do is to embrace the good that comes from the people you already know, and not allow them to leach your energy.

Sometimes I find my calendar overflowing with coffee, lunch and other meeting with those I know "just to touch base". I try very hard to always accept these invitations - even when I do not see the immediate benefit. I have learned from experience never to pre-judge how people in my network might benefit my career. Those whom I expect to go out of their way to assist me will often never take action, and those whose helpfulness I question are quite often the ones who lead me to amazing opportunities. Therefore, I recommend that you push through those times when your contacts makes you tired. You have nothing to gain from napping on your network.

It is also okay to purge some annoying folks from your life. Come on, you know what I mean...those who you run from when they walk in the room or the person who regularly acts like they are a "giving" networker, but are actually a selfish and insecure poser. We all know them, so the time has come to "just say no" and remove them from your list of friends. You need not like everyone (sorry, you still have to be polite). Cut those that sap your energy right out of your life! While difficult, this action will leave you more energized about the people in your network whom you have decided to retain.

Have A Great Day.


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Best Law Firm Prank of 2007

One attorney took a vacation for two weeks. When he returned, he found his office had been covered in tin foil by his assistant and some other wild turkeys in his office. Each pencil in the drawers matched what you see in this picture. Look at the floor...that made me laugh, they covered everything!

Ha ha. What a fun office. Even the managing partner was in on the gag. Now, think about your firm...could this ever happen? If your answer was "Not in a million years", then the culture of your firm is so old school that you should run screaming from the building. I love the spirit of fun in this prank even happening.

This particular office of this major national firm knows how to have some fun. When I saw this I realized what is missing in most law firms.

Have A Great Day.


Legal Marketing - What Your Firm Needs (Part 2)

Has your law firm done a SWOT Analysis? Are the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats something that every lawyer and staff member inside your firm understands and can articulate? My guess is "NO" (If yes, good for you, you do not need to read my blog).

My experience with lawyers in top tier firms is that they are enamoured with their strengths. They can tell you all about what makes their practice area unique, important and successful. Never do they have a problem letting the rest of the office (or the world) know about the cases they have won and the deals they have completed.

However, they have no idea where they come up short in regards to their competition. In fact, if someone from another planet was to study only lawyers and kids who play t-ball they would think that everyone wins at everything on planet earth.

For the individual attorneys and the firm to really succeed, you must observe and acknowledge the tender underbelly. We all have weak areas and everyone makes mistakes along their path toward success. This universal truth is ignored inside firms, and it causes people to ignore these problems for far too long.

Having a weakness does not make you weak. Having a weakness that you cover up or ignore is what makes you open to failure. Publicly showing others that you are working to improve is what will lead to greater success in the future.

Knowing and targeting opportunities is better than wishful thinking when it comes to business development. If you firm is not regularly meeting to discuss how to uncover these opportunities then you are leaving money on the prospective clients are going to other lawyers to serve their needs.

Seeing the threats to your success before they knock you off course will allow you to win. Too many firms allow clients and prospects depart before they see the cause of their discontent. Be proactive with your clients, prospects, referral sources, employees and associates.

Stay tuned for Part 3.

Have A Great Day.


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Renegade Networking Recommendations

Over at "The Blog of Tim Ferris", Tim has an interview with Christine Comaford-Lynch. She is a five time CEO (who took her companies public), author, high-level consultant and run-away success who never graduated high school. How cool is that! Her new book, Rules for Renegades, is one I am going to check out. This is what I LOVE about the blogosphere.....ten minutes ago I had not heard of this phenomenal women, now I am one of her fans! Thanks Tim.

Anyway, you should read the whole interview on his blog, but her answers to question number four is some of the best networking advice you can find:

4. If you could give just 3 unorthodox but critical recommendations to the aspiring uber-networker, what would they be?

1. Fall in love with people. They are fascinating–everyone has amazing stories of trials, triumphs, moments when they had epiphanies. Every day you are taught by people. It can be the mailman, the woman making me a cappuccino, anyone or anything. The more we pay attention, the more we see how we’re all students and teachers of each other. This also boosts our interest in people, which boosts our authenticity when networking.

2. Do the “drive-by schmooze.” We’re all busy, and we need to optimize our networking time. Here’s how:

-Set a specific amount of time to network, such as 30 minutes-Set a goal for the # of meaningful connections you want to make in that time, such as 5-Here’s the fun part: enter the room and stop your thoughts. Don’t look for VIPs, simply feel the room and let yourself be drawn to people. Then introduce yourself and ask what business they are in, how they got into it, and what their ideal customer is. DON’T talk about yourself.

If you know people who might be potential customers for them, or great possible connections, mention it. Write a few notes on their business card. Promise to follow up. Then do it. Make your personal brand synonymous with results. People say life is 90% about showing up. That’s nonsense. Life is 90% about following through.

3. Tell someone you appreciate them daily. This can be done via email, via the phone, or in person. Watch the person’s face light up as you genuinely express why you appreciate them. Then move on. You’re not doing this to get them to return the gesture. You’re doing it because it spreads great energy, it’s fun, and it strengthens your connection with the human race.

Christine, your words are right on the money! Everyone should listen to you!

Have A Great Day.


66 Tips For Better Networking - #26

Route 66 - The Journey Toward Success

Walk The Talk

To have long term relationships with people you have to be true to yourself and live life that you project. Your reputation is a brand, and a brand is a promise. Just as a corporation must ensure that they always perform in line with their brand, you must live up to the reputation that you build. This means that you have to act in a manner that does not conflict with how you present yourself and meets the expectations of those around you.

This is important, but not always easy. Many try to project an image of perfection when they meet others. Somewhere along their path they decided that in business they are expected to be more than they are , so they create a facade for their professional life. The problem is that it is impossible to be "perfect" (what is perfect anyway?) or to keep up the image of being something you are not. Eventually these people stumble and are exposed for not being what the claimed.

Thus the only course of action is to be honest about your experiences, strengths, and weaknesses. Never try influence people into a false impression of you. Your good and bad qualities are part of your reality. I am not saying you need to advertise you faults, but over a lifetime you cannot cover them up! It is better to be comfortable with your whole self and realize that everyone has their own issues that they deal with internally.

Being human is tough. We all make mistakes and stumble along our journey toward success. When you have a mis-step, own it. People can be very forgiving of someone who is proactive in accepting their own failures. The trick here is not to constantly repeat the same transgressions over and over. Repeating the same mistakes is a clear sign that the blemish is part of you, not simply a bump on your otherwise stellar record.

If you act consistently toward everyone, then you need not ever waste your time and effort trying to recall what fibs you weaved into the fabric of your life's tapestry. It is easier when the truth is just the truth. Even the embarrassing and painful parts of your life are part of the primal mix that make you who you are, and thus they are an important ingredient.

I have made lots of mistakes along the way (sorry, I am not going to advertise them!!!), but I have learned from them and I hope that these lessons make me a better man. I try not to repeat the stupid things I have done or said, and hope that those people whom I cherish in my life view me in a positive light. However, I do not worry if everyone will like me, because I know that is not the reality.

I have realized not to be concerned with those who are judgmental and watching from the sidelines hoping I will stumble. Instead I attempt to "walk the talk", and pick myself up when I trip!

Have A Great Day.


Have you purchased the new SECOND EDITION of "Some Assembly Required"? It is available at They are still offering it at the discounted price of $14.93. I do not know for how long they will offer that special price, so act now!!! Thank you!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Some Assembly Required Radio Show

I have launched The Some Assembly Required Radio Show on the Blog Talk Radio Network.

Each Sunday afternoon I will interview interesting business professionals from a variety of industries who can share their experiences and inspire us all.

Yesterday I spent thirty minutes with one of the top real estate agents in the United States, Chad Goldwasser. Chad has grown his business, The Goldwasser Team, into the top producing team in the Keller Williams organization.

This highly motivated professional believes that having a positive attitude can make the difference in reaching the top tiers of success.

Please invest a half hour to listen to Chad's ideas and recommendations on how to control your thoughts and keep your attitude on the right track.

Click Here to listen to the inaugural show of "Some Assembly Required" on The Blog Talk Radio Network.

Also, make your plans now to listen live next Sunday at 5:30 PM (Central Time) when I will interview communications consultant, Marny Lifshen. Marny and I are currently working on a new book in the Some Assembly Required series. This will a networking guide specifically focused on women in business, and on the show we will talk about the themes that will make this book such a valuable resource.

Have A Great Day.


Friday, August 10, 2007

Legal Marketing - What Your Firm Needs (Part 1)

I am amazed that many law firms (and other professional service companies) still do not "get it" when it comes to marketing, business development, sales, public relations, and networking. There has been so much discussion about his in the legal profession over the past decade that one would imagine that these highly educated people would realize that their firm is a B-U-S-I-N-E-S-S, and they should run it like a business!

There I said it, your law firm is no different than the companies you represent. You are bound by the same laws of the universe that effect businesses large and small around the world: You need clients, you need them to pay you for your services, you need to spend less on your expenses than you bring in throughout the year (AKA - profit!), and you need more paying clients in line so that you can keep your doors open. That other stuff you think is important is nice, but it is all extra.

No lawyer would tell their corporate client to fire all the sales and marketing people. That is how companies find, qualify, engage and retain customers. Why is it then that they downgrade these functions inside their own firms?

I recently had a firm tell me they were looking to hire a marketing professional. They wanted someone who was experienced, motivated, and had a business mind / personality. Oh, and they wanted to pay around $35, 000 per year.

WHAT??? Why don't they just admit "We do not want to value this person as an important part of our firm. We are looking for someone just out of college who will suck it up and work hard for a small sum of money while we treat them like crap. Also, once they learn the job and can start to provide real value, we hope that they will leave us for another firm or another industry who will pay them what they are worth. Thus we can start over and find someone else dumb enough to work for us at this low salary. Finally, we need someone who can handle being yelled at by attorneys, because we all know that will happen regularly during their tenure at this firm."

If your firm wants to achieve greater success in your marketing you have to stop thinking of staff members without law degrees as sub-human. Realize that people with a variety of different backgrounds can contribute to your overall success. Think about "why" you have a marketing or business development position in the first place. What is it hat you want to accomplish and how can this person work with you to achieve the goals? You already have enough legal secretaries who you can yell at, so you don't need to treat you marketing staff in a disrespectful manner. (You should not treat anyone poorly, but that might be more than I can ask of some of your partners...not you...I am sure you are not the problem attorney!)

Once you know what you want to accomplish with your marketing efforts, it makes it easier to rationalize paying a professional salary for the "right" person who can impact the success of your office and beyond. Sales people in the top companies (Cisco, IBM, etc....) make as much or more money than lawyers (yep, it is true!). The right person on your team can catapult you to the top of your business community, but this person will not magically bring in new clients. You need to be their business partner if you want success. There is no magic. They can strategize with partners and associates developing plans that will lead to additional business. And who does not like the sound of additional business?

I think that legal marketing/legal business development (aka, SALES...but most of you are not ready to think about yourselves as salespeople...YET!!!) are still in a discovery stage in the legal profession. Firms are more comfortable with the concepts of these important business disciplines, but are still tentative to embrace them. If you entertain thoughts of "what will the other firms say or do" then you are destined to be mediocre in your marketing. Be bold and act like a business!

Stay tuned for Part 2.

Have A Great Day.


Thursday, August 09, 2007

I'm On LinkedIn, Now What? - - Jason Alba's New Book

Blogging giant Jason Alba is about to release his first book, "I'm On Linked In, Now What?" and I want to be the first to publicly congratulate my friend on this amazing milestone in his career.

I met Jason through this blog. He is the best example of online networking that I have ever seen (and I speak about the power of building business relationships, so I should know a little about this topic!!!). Jason has not only made contact, but actually built friendships with bloggers around the world in his efforts to promote his company, JibberJobber.

I finally met Jason in person last January when on a trip through Texas he put together a dinner with a group of his blogosphere friends who live in Austin. This meeting lead to the creation of the Austin Business Bloggers Club. Even though he lives in Utah, he impacted his friends down south!

If you want to know how to turn your LinkedIn membership into a real boost for your business, read Jason's book. He knows what he is talking about, and he walks the talk.

Click here to pre-order the book, and visit his blog to learn more about the power of relationships in your job-search.

Have A Great Day.
PS - And while you are at it....Buy my books too!!! Click here to go directly to

Tackle All Endeavors

While running on the treadmill at the gym yesterday I had the honor of watching live MSNBC coverage of the Space Shuttle Endeavor blasting off into orbit. I am not sure why, but ever since the early 1980's when NASA returned to space, I have been captivated by the take off and landing of these shuttles. I have always dreamed of being invited to the private viewing area in Florida to watch a launch (who knows, maybe someday), and will always admire the men and women who make our space program a reality.

About ten years ago I set my alarm for 1:00 AM and awoke to watch the shuttle fly over my house in Austin, Texas late one night as it returned home to Florida.....splitting the sky like some cosmic zipper as it entered the atmosphere. A bunch of neighbors gathered in the cul de sac to view this, and within minutes the television showed them safely on the ground four states away. Amazing.

Watching Endeavor begin its journey into space got me thinking about what a good example we can find in NASA. Sure, the space agency has had its share of problems, disasters, scandals and other bad press....and yet they continue forward with their goals of exploring the cosmos. There have been fires, explosions, crashes and other tragedies. A crazy astronaut in a diaper looking to take out her romantic rival took center stage this year, and yet they go forward with their missions.

The crews Columbia and Challenger will always be remembered, but they did not die in vain. Their love of exploration continues to move forward as man looks toward completing the space station, returning to The Moon, visiting Mars, and beyond.

As the shuttle climbed into orbit, dropping its booster rockets and external fuel tanks, I admired the decades of scientific precision that came together to bring this crew to the heavens. Every moment that came before lead them to this victory over gravity. They touched the sky.

In our lives we need to grow and learn from each endeavor that we undertake. Our mistakes should not derail us from our goals and dreams. Instead each experience, good or bad, makes up the platform for our launch to greatness.

Godspeed to the crew of the Endeavor. They are the best example of what people can accomplish when they never give up and when they keep reaching for the stars, taking on all challenges and tackling all endeavors.

Have A Great Day.


Wednesday, August 08, 2007

66 Tips For Better Networking - #25

Route 66 -The Journey Toward Success

Be Extraordinary

You have the ability to impact the world around you. All of us can make a difference in countless ways. The trick is to behave in a manner that shows your extraordinary talents and allow the world to soak up the spectacular you.

Be clear about who you are when you are at your best. All of us have unique contributions that we fail to allow to shine. We hide behind our fears of what others will think. Sometime around high school we all became concerned with being "cool". This obsession with "coolness" never goes away as people mature. Instead some live their lives worried about the how others see them, and it limits their ability to being extraordinary.

Are the people around you extraordinary? If you want to excel you need to have interesting and intriguing friends who challenge you and hold you accountable to your potential. If the people whom you call your friends are not upbeat and inspirational...then you are probably being held back from your God given levels of achievement.

Decide today that you are going to do more with your everyday life. Start small. Look at your current daily activities and find ways to put some "umph" in how you tackle the little tasks. Become that person who is known for having that extra spark in their step, regardless of what they are doing. Leave the whining and complaining to someone else.

Look at those who are the most admired and most successful in the business world. How many of these extraordinary people are known for being "blah" in their efforts? None of them. Extraordinary people are not "blah"...therefore you do not want to behave in an even keel manner, either. To shine you must sparkle.

Embrace each task that you have to accomplish and put your heart into the efforts. Become known for your hard work and successful achievements. Take Nike's advice and "Just Do It" for every item on your daily "To Do List". Do not quit until you succeed. Sure, you will fail along the way, but extraordinary people do not stop when they stumble...they get up and keep going...thus it is not a failure at all...but rather a speed bump.

You have the power already, like Dorothy and her red shoes. Go forth and be extraordinary!

Have A Great Day.


Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Saggital Synostosis - 5 Years Later

Five years ago this week my daughter, Kate, had surgery to correct the shape of her head. She was six month old. She was born with a condition called saggital synostosis, a condition where the bones in her head were fused together. Had we done nothing, her head would have continued to grow with a serious deformity. The cure was invasive surgery in which they removed over one quarter of the top skull.

We were fortunate, through our network of contacts, we found the doctors at Children's Hospital of San Diego, who are amongst the best in the world. Kate has made a full recovery. She has blossomed into a phenomenal young girl, and has no memory of the ordeal. Her mother and I will never forget.

Each year until she is grown we must go to San Diego for a check up. We fly 2000 miles to see her pediatric neuro-surgeon and her pediatric plastic surgeon - - - hoping to hear the words "she looks great, we will see you next year". That is what they said!!! (I am always a bit nervous before these check ups!). She looks great, and will hopefully never have any more problems.

We feel very fortunate as we watch her continue to grow up with no side effects. As I wrote about in this blog earlier in the year, my family has made a pledge to donate a percentage of the money that I earn from speaking to corporations about the topic of networking and the power of business relationships to charity. It is our small way of giving something back.

In that regard, we have started "The Kate Singer Endowment For Cranio-Facial Surgery" through the Children's Medical Center Foundation of Central Texas. Earlier this year the new Dell Children's Medical Center opened in Austin, Texas. They have hired top-tier doctors (not the doctors we had in California, but great ones just the same) who specialize in the conditions like we faced five years ago. Hopefully our small donation will help them excel in their research to benefit others whose children face this challenge. We chose the hospital in Austin because this is our home town, and we wanted to support the local community.

If you would like to make a donation, send it directly to:

Medical Center Foundation of Central Texas
4900 Mueller Blvd
Austin, TX 78723

Note in the memo section of your check: "Kate Singer Endowment for Cranio-Facial Surgery".

Have A Great Day.


****If you have the need to hire a professional business speaker for an annual meeting, sales team rally, law firm retreat, or other event... more information is available at

66 Tips For Better Networking - #24

Route 66 - The Journey Toward Success

Little Selfless Actions Matter

While listening to a CD in my car from success guru Jim Rohn I was touched by some advice that he shared with his audience. I am paraphrasing the below, but you get the idea:

Leave the environment, whatever environment, just a little better when you leave than when you arrived. Pick up your trash when you are in the park, AND pick up the trash left by other people (even if it is not your mess, you should clean it up anyway). Turn off the lights when you leave a room, even a hotel room (or any place that others are paying the electric bill). Do not waste water, fuel, food or other consumables, even if you can afford to pay for them. Be sure that there is some left for others. Make the things, places and people whom you encounter better for having you there.

This is not hard. It just takes a moment to impact the world around you. The little things that you do make a difference to those around you. Be courteous and polite to strangers and you will find that they will be nicer toward you.

In today's busy society people tend to forget that they are part of a larger landscape. It was like in one of the old Star Trek movies when Spock died. He sacrificed himself to save the Enterprise and it's crew. As he died, he told Dr. McCoy "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one". We see this attitude amongst our most impressive members of the United States Military, but we do not see it often enough in the general population.

I believe that life would be better if people just looked around for ways to be nicer to others (I am not saying that folks need to lay down their lives...just not be focused on themselves all the time!)

In Texas when someone lets you merge into traffic it is customary to give a short wave, a brief sign that you acknowledge the person for allowing you into their lane. While traveling last week I noticed that this is not done much in California. No wave, and I felt empty inside for having let the person into traffic. Not that I let them into my lane to recieve "the wave", but this made me realize that something as small as the wave of the hand can impact someones environment.

So do the small things and the world will be a better place Even a minor contribution could have a huge impact. If you are not thinking about this, then more than likely you will not take action, and it is actions that count!

Have A Great Day.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Networking Carnival - August 2007. Great Tips For Networking And Business Development

In June there were only a few posts for the Networking Carnival. This month my inbox was bombarded with some great posts from amazing bloggers.

I was also over-run with posts that had nothing to do with networking or business development. If you want a carnival about search engine optimization, accounting, time management, politics, medical breakthroughs, religion or a commercial for your business, then start your own carnival. Do not submit unrelated articles to me thinking I will give you free links to blogs that do not relate to this topic. I hate all the SPAM I get from people who send me things from left field.

But these articles are great, so grab a cup of coffee or tea and click on each link and devour these posts.

1. Jay Deragon gives us When Will We Get More Time?

3. Ian Fernando gives us Don't Be A One Time Networker

4. Alexandra Levit gives us Inspiring Story of an Incredible Career Switch

5. Josh Hinds gives us Networking Made Easy

7. Alexandra Levit gives us Six Tips For Blanking On Someone's Name

Jay Deragon gives us Markets Are Relationships

10. Nerd Guru gives us Two Unsuccessful People + A Good Connection = Elaine Benes

Have A Great Day.


Friday, August 03, 2007

66 Tips For Beter Networking - #23

Route 66 - The Journey Toward Success

Tigers Live With Tigers

Some people have an amazing drive for success. They have fire in their belly to achieve more each day than they did the day before and maintain an amazing focus that allows them to create results. Improvement is the name of the game.

Others just seem to float along through life and are easily sidetracked. They want more, but have no plan of action to advance from their current situation. They spend little or no time talking about their goals,...mainly because they have not clarified any goals in the first place.

The people who have ignited their killer instinct are not guaranteed success, but if they are tenacious they have a better chance of grabbing life's proverbial brass ring than those who just sit on their butts hoping for something to happen.

Can you turn on this inner drive? I think you can, but you have to make a conscious effort to become a "tiger". You need to become clear of your vision of success and write your goals down. Then you need to have friends and/or a spouse who share your desires for greatness. If those around you are not motivated to succeed, or just complacent about their desires, then you will get caught up in a whirlwind of mediocrity.

For some reason we get in sync with those around us. In order to be a tiger you need to live and eat with tigers. If you live with sheep you will get slaughtered. Associating with highly motivated people makes you try harder. These types of people expect a lot from those around them and hold them accountable. My most successful and driven friends are the ones who go out of their way to share opportunities and help others achieve their goals.

This is why it is important to always be focused on your networking efforts. As you grow and expand on your journey toward success, you will always have a need to find new friends and business associates whom can be mutually beneficial. They motivate and assist you ....and you do the same thing to advance their life's goals.

I am not suggesting that you dump your old friends (although some should be exited from your life!). Instead the new people are weaved into the tapestry. This not only impacts your life, but also the lives of those who are already in your network. Tigers live with Tigers...only invite those with a killer instinct into your den.

Have A Great Day.


Thursday, August 02, 2007

66 Tips For Better Networking - #22

Route 66 - The Journey Toward Success

Sleep, Eat Right and Exercise

It should go without saying that if you do not take care of yourself you cannot take care of others. In today's "go-go" culture, many people justify that they can get by on less sleep than is necessary, eat like crap, and have no regular physical activity. I have friends who are so driven in business that they only sleep four or five hours per night. Others who eat fast food or skip meals think they can handle this lack of nutrients. And then there are the ones who have no exercise routine at all and are just couch potatoes.

While they claim that this lifestyle "works for their body", over time a life style that rejects your health will take its toll on you physically and mentally.

It is easy to tell who does none of these things. They quickly gain weight and have less energy, and their productivity will suffer. However, it is the people who do one or two of these things, probably fanatically, that can cover it up. Working out can mask the downside of poor eating. Eating well can compensate for your lack of sleep or exercise.

You need to remember that your body is a fine tuned machine. Like a car needs gasoline, oil and water in the right amounts (and in the right places), you too need to have all the correct ingredients in place to perform at your best.

I know that when I do not eat right I can get downright mean. No sleep....I am sluggish all day. And while I am not an athletic, if I do not get to the gym three times a week I am not mentally sharp.

You owe it to yourself and those around you to be a peak performer. Care for your body and it will help your outward image shine!

Have A Great Day.


Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Teleseminar - To Publish or Not To Publish

Triple Dog Media is hosting a FREE Teleseminar on publishing a book. 87% of all Americans want to write a book, and it has never been easier than it is today. But is it right for everyone? This seminar will address traditional vs. self-publishing and a host of other tid-bits that you want to know.

Please join Tom Myer (CEO of Triple Dog Media and the author of several books) and myself as we share with you what we have learned and answer live questions on how to make your dream of writing a book into a reality (or help you realize it is not what you want to do after all!!!).

Thursday, August 9th
11:00 Central Time

CLICK HERE to register.

Have A Great Day.


You Already Know What Success Looks Like - Reach Out

Take out a pen and paper. Yes, I mean it.

Who are the five people whom you know personally (you must know them well enough that they will take your phone call) that you most admire? Write their names down on the paper.

Now, what is it about them that is impressive and worthy of your attention? Record these traits on the same paper.

Finally, what can they teach you that would make your life better and lead you toward success. Yes, write it down!

Now call your friends and talk to them. Tell them that some silly blogger made you do this exercise and you thought of them. Let them know what you admire about how they lead their life and ask them if they could spare one hour over the next month to meet with you and help you discover this important piece in your journey toward success. meet with them. Listen. Learn. Take appropriate action.

Have A Great Day.