Sunday, December 17, 2006

Praise Others Project (December 17th) - Tom Peters

"The Praise Others Project" today brings us to one of the original rock-star business authors and professional speakers, Tom Peters. Tom's first book, In Search of Excellence (1982) has been called "the greatest business book of all time", and he has gone on to write a string of other successful books.

I first discovered Mr. Peters' writing in an August 1997 Fast Company Magazine article called "The Brand Called You". In this classic article (it is one of the most read articles in the Fast Company on-line archives) Peters weaves some of the most compelling business advice I have ever read. You are a brand, inside and outside your company. Others ARE watching you, and what you do speaks much louder than the words you say. There is no simple path to creating this brand, but each individual must take control of their own image. Regardless of you age or the position you hold, you need to understand the importance of your personal brand.

If you have never clicked from a blog to read a nine year old magazine article before...take the time and make this article your first. His message is as important today as it was in 1997.

Tom Peters has been a major influence on my own career, both in his writing and by his example. I do not know him personally (although I did meet him when he delivered a great talk in Austin a few months ago), but his writing, speaking and consulting career is an inspiration to anyone who wants to follow in those footsteps.

He also writes an widely read blog, which he allows comments (most of the big bloggers have removed comments) and encourages his community to participate in the wide variety of topics that he and his staff post.

It is my pleasure to add Tom Peters to "The Praise Others Project:.

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