Saturday, December 23, 2006

Praise Others Project (December 23rd) - Seth Godin

Nobody could have a month long "Praise Others Project" highlighting business authors and bloggers without including Seth Godin. Seth is one of the most read and highly quoted bloggers. His books are best sellers. And he is considered one of the world's premier marketing thought leaders and change agents. And he inspires millions.

I have not yet read his newest book, Small Is The New Big, but I have read Permission Marketing, All Marketers are Liars, and Purple Cow (by far my favorite!). His writing style is both informative and entertaining. You do not read a Seth Godin book without learning something.

His blog is wildly successful because he looks for things that are out of the ordinary. I often discover some wonderful obscure online and offline products because of Seth. His opinions are clear, but he is rarely offensive to anyone who might disagree.

What I admire about Seth Godin, and why he is included in "The Praise Others Project" is his approachability. While I have never interacted with him, he seems to be open to having smart discussions with anyone in the world who can add his discussions. Many people who reach his level of "guruness" are no longer open to talking with random folks. From what I can tell Mr. Godin has not let his fame go to his ego.

Seth is also one of the most praised professional speakers in the business world, and was named one of 21 Speakers for The Next Century by Successful Meetings Magazine. That is cool!

He is at a level of success most authors/speakers will only dream about. He continues to find fresh, new, incredible ideas and makes them available to his audience. He is has not yet peaked (there is still more to come), and he seems like a really good person.

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JibberJobber Guy said...

Thom, I had a personal experience that left me more impressed than before... in short, I e-mailed him a request and he sent me a personal reply right away (I think it was on a Saturday). It was right on and in usual Seth-fashion. To get an e-mail response back from someone like him was, I thought, impossible. Here's his reply: Seth's advice for JibberJobber readers.

Good choice.