Friday, March 30, 2007

Model The Masters

If what you are doing is not producing results, look for a new way.

When you are looking to develop new business, and are not hitting your desired numbers, you cannot just sit back and hope for better results - you need take fresh actions.

Look around at others in your industry. Are there people who are achieving the amazing levels of success that you desire? GREAT! If someone else can do it, so can you. Now you just need to figure out what it is that they know, what habits they possess, and what actions they take on a regular basis. Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of The Chicken Soup For The Soul series, says "Model The Masters". Discover what the successful people do and emulate them.

This is great advice for anyone. I once worked with a lawyer who wanted to get more clients, but did not want to "copy" what the most successful folks in his practice area did to promote himself. He did not "like" some of the more successful attorneys, and thus he wanted to have success, but not using the same legal marketing techniques. What he failed to realize is that successful actions produce results. Trying unproven or failed techniques wasted his time and he still has a mediocre book of business. But he is proud of himself for not "being like the other guys" (you know, the guys with all the clients!). ****Note, the successful attorneys were not doing anything illegal or immoral. The guy just did not like their personalities, and thus was only avoiding their marketing technique out of pride!

Once you know what the successful people in your industry do, you must leave your old habits behind and start acting like those at the top. This is hard. But just put one foot in front of the other and take action. Visualize yourself as the success you know you can be and act in that manner. The saying "actions speak louder than words" is very true. Once you take the actions, you will see the results. I know people who think about getting more clients, they hope for more clients, but they do nothing. Doing nothing produces nothing.

Now, look at your own situation. Did the above post make you think? Thinking is good. But now what. Will you just click away from here to the next blog, or will you step away from your computer and formulate a real plan to take action? The results depend on what you do right now.

Have a great day.


Thursday, March 29, 2007

Give Me A Break

I am a big believer that you need to always be out and about in your networking efforts.... but sometimes you just need to skip a night. On occasion, just give yourself a break.

I usually counsel people that if they sign up to go to a business event they need to go, even if they have had a long day and are tired. There is always an excuse to skip your necessary networking, and once you get there you will usually find it worthwhile.

However, sometimes you can just take a pass. As long as you do not make it a habit, from time to time just say "No". Go home early, have some wine (or hot tea), put your feet up and relax.

As long as this is not your habit, you do deserve to take a break from time to time.

Have A Great Day.


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Decade Mulligan - March 28, 2017

If you could go back in time and re-live the past decade, would you do anything differently? How many bad decisions would your correct? Those times when you decided that your network did not matter, only to later see opportunities go to others around you over these ten years. Ever wish you could go back and try again?

Would you pay more attention to the people in your life? Would you be giving? Find ways to help others? Work to build deeper friendships and business relationships?

What would you do?

Today is March 28, 2017 and you have been granted the past decade as a do-over. Start now to make a difference in the lives of those around you.

Have A Great Decade.


Monday, March 26, 2007

Accomplish Greatness

"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable man persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man." - George Bernard Shaw

When you are trying to accomplish something out of the box, spectacular, different, life-changing and amazing with your will find many people who will try to tell you one or more of the following:

1. It can't be done.

2. Who are you to be the one to do it?

3. You are doing it wrong.

4. Others are more qualified.

5. You will fail.

Don't listen to them. You cannot allow others to influence your decision to pursue your dreams.

Screw them!

The only way you will accomplish anything great is to go for it. There has never been a huge success that was not backed by someone who ignored the naysayers and tried something new.

Have A Great Day.


Friday, March 23, 2007

Networking - A Key To The Vault

Entrepreneur extraordinaire Keith Cunnigham spills all the secrets to starting a business, raising money, structuring capital, and selling for a handsome profit in his book, The Keys To The Vault.

I had the honor of seeing Mr. Cunningham speak a few weeks ago, and I was very impressed with his impressive successes and his positive outlook on life. I bought his book (as my rule is: if I meet someone who wrote a book, I read it!). I was not let down, this book is his lesson plan for the world of entrepreneurship.

Chapter 23 is called "Network, Network, Network". We talk often about networking on this blog, and Mr. Cunningham has a whole chapter on why it is important for the business owner looking for money. If you know the right people, they can lead you to bankers, venture capital, angels and other important sources for cash. Without a network the process could take a long time, and if you need money, time is not always on your side!

No matter what you want to accomplish with your career, your network is important. Don't fight it....realize that other people hold the keys to your success. Embrace it. Go out and treat people like precious gems. You will be rewarded. Powerful connections with those who want to help you really is a key to the vault!!!

Have A Great Day.


***My new book, The ABC's of Networking, is about to be released. Reserve your copy today at Also, if you have not read Some Assembly Required, it is also available at Amazon.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Emotional Vampires

Everyone knows someone in their business life who can spiritually drain the energy from the room. These are the "emotional vampires" of the business world, and they are out there lurking in the shadows. They are waiting to knock you off from what is otherwise a great day. They suck the life force from your veins, and you are left feeling numb after spending time with these leaches.

It does not matter what industry you work in, these LeStats' of Business are everywhere. Like the LeStat of Anne Rice's novels, these people start off their careers with ambitious ideas, but soon the knowledge of the triviality of their life sends them off casting darkness in their wake.

Music industry producer, RW Rushing, attributes his business success to his philosophy of "only going where the love is". He will not work with "emotional vampires", as he proclaims to need to keep the available space in his life open for those whom want to share the good. He will not spend his time with artists who whine and complain, but rather looks for those who want to create music and rock the world.

Rushing is the VP A&R for the up and coming Reggae/Rock phenomenon, Subrosa Union. The band are "Buzz Kids", which means they are already creating the necessary buzz to take the music industry by storm. He enjoys working with this high-energy, young band who defy the term "genre". He sees them as hard working musicians who love what they do... and their love of music is infectious to all who are around them. Their audiences go away happy and energized, and you can hear the "umph" in their music (Click here to listen to the band, their music is sure to lift your spirits!!). They fill up Rushing's world with their positive energy, keeping in line with his personal philosophy of following the love.

Take the time to examine your own life. Do you have too many people who drain the good from your world? All you need is some garlic and a wooden stake (metaphorically), and you can drive the "emotional vampires" out of your space. To do this you have to recognize negativity when it arrives, and have a policy that keeps the gossip, whining, complaining, and bitching out of your life. Tell those who revel in the darkness to take it somewhere else. Walk away.

While you can't kill them, you can keep these "vampires" from sapping your energy. Surround yourself with people who are successful and confident. I have found that those who are truly successful do not get in the swampy waters. They never be-little others for their dreams and desires. Instead they find ways to help others achieve greater success.

Have A Great Day.


Admit Your Vulnerability

Jim Hulling, CEO of MATRIX Resources, had a great article in Smart Business Magazine (SF Edition) last month called "Strength in Vulnerability". His inspiring words ring true in my ears as I write this post.

In the business world many believe they should only show confidence. No matter the situation, professionals fear letting anyone view them as anything but in total control. Asking for help, they interpret, is a sign of weakness.

However, nobody is bullet proof all the time. To pretend that you have it together will only mask the problem. To overcome the obstacles in your path, turn to your network of personal and professional contacts. Where you are weak, others are strong. A mountain to you can be a bump to another.

"Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it" - Nelson Mandela

Winston Churchill said, "If you are going through hell, keep going!" This is the only way to overcome your fears. To stop and pretend that you are in control is not a solution, yet to keep going you may need others to show you the way.

I suggest you turn to your close circle of friends and admit that you are vulnerable. They will not view you as a failure, but instead will provide you with new insights and fresh points of view.

Think of it this way, what if someone in your network approached you to assist them with a problem. Would you lend a hand, or look down on them with contempt (if you picked the latter, you are just a jerk). Most would cherish the chance to help a friend. They will embrace being someone whom you admire enough to seek out in times of need.

Your vulnerability will enable you to make a deeper connection with those in your network. You will find that you will have more respect from those around you when they know you are a real person, and not some plastic mannequin. Embrace where you are vulnerable and learn. You will become a stronger person for the experience.

Have A Great Day.


Monday, March 19, 2007

Building A Professional Network Of Contacts Starts Now

I know, you are busy. You are caught up in all the stuff you have to do. I know. I am too. Yet, building real business relationships waits for nobody. If you are not starting now, and your competition is out there...they might grow strong friendships and you will be left out.

I talked to a young attorney this weekend who wants to build a law practice who thinks she can put off cultivating her network while she is an associate, and then turn up her networking when she makes partner. Her complaint is that as a young lawyer with a husband and child, she does not have the time worry about anything beyond her work and her family.

We talked about how a strong network will help her career, but she stated "I want to have it all and others will just have to wait".

I am not convinced she will have it all (can anyone have it all???), and I know that the longer she waits to start her business development efforts (and networking), the harder it will be later. I told her that if she waits until she has time, she will NEVER have time. She shrugged her shoulders and ended the conversation.

You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.

Have A Great Day.


Airplane Book

I have received a lot of positive comments from my post about the release of The ABC's of Networking....especially my referring the this quick read as "an airplane book:

"This small but valuable book is designed to be an "Airplane Book" - a fast read full of inspiring ideas that you can read on a flight or while sitting in a Starbucks, Seattle's Best, Pete's Coffee, or you other favorite communal gathering hot spot."

Everyone seems to like the term "airplane book", and as one friend pointed put it "this is powerful visual imagery that lets me see the book and its purpose in my mind in just two words!" Wow, that is deep!

Thank you to everyone who is going to and pre-ordering the book. I appreciate it.

I want to do something cool to help launch the book, but am lost. If you have a whiz-bang idea that will get people to notice The ABC's of Networking...please let me know.


Saturday, March 17, 2007

Your Personal Vision Of Success Makes The Difference

Successful people think differently. How differently will directly attribute to how successful they become. I recently heard a successful executive of a top-tier company credit her rise in corporate America by saying, "I do not destroy things. From early in my career, when I touch something I have made it grow". This was not bragging, it was a statement of the facts - she has done exactly that over thirty plus years.

The declaration has stuck with me. This executive knows in her soul that her job is to grow business. There is never a question in her mind of "if" she can do it, she clearly focuses on "how" she will do it. I am confident that those who work with her also know that failure is not an option.

Many people get caught in the daily routine of their jobs and loose sight of the grand plan. I too struggle with the big "IF's". Office politics, fear, busy schedules, lack of experience, and countless other faux problems stop us from being focused on long term success.

I enjoy talking with people who are extremely successful and self-made. Most of them are confident in their own abilities to achieve, and look for ways to help others find a path to excellence. (However, you can always tell successful individuals who got "lucky"....they are the ones who are petty, selfish, guarded, and cocky! My advice is to avoid the phonies!). The genuine leaders view the only road blocks to the top as internal, and know first hand that anyone can accomplish more with the right mindset. They want others to succeed and are never jealous of another's climb to the top (even if they surpass them!).

The sky is the limit..... if you know in your soul that the sky is the limit. If you believe the limit is the top of the fence, then that is true as well. I don't know about you, but I want to be like the person who makes things grow.

Have A Great Day.


Blog Comments Lead To Prizes

In February we had a contest to win a $25 MyChoice Gift Card. Everyone who left a comment on a February blog post was entered to win. One gift card and five copies of my book are being awarded to six lucky blog readers:

Well, it took me a while to get this done, but the winners are:

$25 MyChoice Gift Card - Mark True (who left a comment on 2/13)

Copy of "Some Assembly Required" - Carol Decker (comment on 2/10)

Copy of "Some Assembly Required" - Steve Harper (comment on 2/22)

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Copy of "Some Assembly Required" - Cory Garrison (comment on 2/2)

Copy of "Some Assembly Required" - Andrew Flusche (comment on 2/1)

Congratulations to the winners, and THANK YOU for commenting on The Some Assembly Required Blog!

If you are one of the winners, please email me at so we can figure out delivery.


Networking Carnival Time

Oh yes, it is getting close to the April edition of The Networking Carnival. It will go live on April 4th.

Please send me links to your posts about networking.

This does not mean post about financial services, make up tips, dating, cars, or the other random things that people send for the carnival. Networking, business development, sales, PR, etc... will all get posted. Come on, I call it "The NETWORKING Carnival", why would you take the time to send me a link to a blog about celebrity gossip????

To all those who have blogs that regularly stop by to read....write a post for me!!!!


Friday, March 16, 2007

The ABC's of Networking - ORDER TODAY!

Now available for pre-order at

Please take the time to be the first on your block to order my new book. Expected release date is April 1, 2007.

This small but valuable book is designed to be an "Airplane Book" - a fast read full of inspiring ideas that you can read on a flight or while sitting in a Starbucks, Seattle's Best, Pete's Coffee, or you other favorite communal gathering hot spot.

Thank you!


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Morning Person

There is a new commercial airing on TV these days for McDonald's coffee. The spot mocks "the morning person", showing one actor as just over the top, cheery and excited from the time he gets out of bed. The rest of society just hates this guy. The masses need their coffee before they can get going each day.

My wife laughs when she sees this commercial, as she says that I am just as obnoxious as the guy in the ad.

The truth is that I would rather stay in bed all day, but since I have to get up....I might as well get up with a great attitude. Being grumpy will not help me in any way.

A few weeks ago I wrote a post called "The Wake Up Thought", encouraging people to immediately think about the great days ahead. I got an email from a Debra, a regular reader of "The Some Assembly Required Blog", who told me that this tip has had a great effect on her life. She said she is just more pleasant at work and at home. WOW!

So do not mock the morning guy like the McDonald's commercial....BE the morning guy (or girl).

Have A Great Day.


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

More Networking Advice From Ireland

Last week I posted a list of "Networking Do's" from my new friend, Tricia Murphy, in Ireland. Today I share her list of "Networking Don'ts".

Networking Tips - Don'ts

Don't misconstrue networking to be a sales plan.

Don't be blinded by goals, only guided by them.

Don't be quick to make judgements about people you meet, today's tin could be tomorrows gold.

Don't hand out your business cards willy nilly to people you haven't had a conversation with, you will look pushy, desperate or (horrors!) both.

Don't ask for more than people are willing to give.

Don't be invasive and ask too many questions.

Don't overstay your welcome.

Don't use disparaging humour.

Don't bad mouth people you never know who is listening and knows the party you are talking about.

Don't try to network with your hands full - leave glass/teacup/handbag/briefcase to one side and concentrate on networking.

Don't get caught doing the handbag shuffle or the deep pocket dig - never just throw some business cards into your handbag or your pocket - they will only ever appear with dog ears and the impression will be negative not positive.

Don't pursue, pester or push people, as you will almost certainly loose the contact.

Don't break any promises made i.e. to pass on information, contacts, meet for coffee etc.

© 2002 TiG Alliance. All rights reserved.

Have A Great Day.

Thom Singer

Sunday, March 11, 2007

The New Book

Coming Very, Very Soon, My Newest Book:
The ABC's of Networking!!!

More information in the next few weeks on where to get your copy, but I wanted the blog readers to know about the new book before it is released.


The Search For Something More Than You Have Today

Many of us are Seekers. Deep inside us, at our core, we desire more from our lives, our careers, our relationships, ... we crave more from ourselves. Not satisfied with where we are, we seek destiny. It is the way we are hard-wired. We do not know the exact thing that we seek, but we are driven to discover our potential.

Do you understand what I am saying? When you close your eyes and visualize the future, many can vaguely sense an image, just out of sight of what could be our triumph. That is what we pursue.

Do you look back at chapters in your life that are somehow incomplete? Is there that feeling of wishing you made different decisions that would have lead you to achieve a higher level of success. Anticipation tingles through your nervous system and there is a mysterious knowledge in your cells that calls out to you and outlines opportunity lost?

I hear it too. I am a Seeker. I seek to find that which will make me complete. I know that my future contains the answers for which I hunt, but I also know that I have missed the road signs in the past. Even with victory around me, I long to accomplish more.

I talk with many who share this internal calling of the soul. I think it is part of the normal human experience to try to better yourself. I hope that is true.

Do not shy from your instinct to seek. Embrace it. Search for something more than you have today. Be more. Feel more. Achieve more. Impact more. Influence more. Win more.

Reach out and make it your own. Whatever your secret heart desires can happen if you believe. I know that my dreams will happen if I take action. I can survive the bad times with the knowledge that the bad is temporary.

Share your vision of your future with others. Find a way to expand the good around you and impact someone in your world. Help others. Accept the help from others. Welcome the light that chases away the dark. Do not just seek...but find.

If this blog post touches you at some soul-ular level....forward it to someone else.

Have A Great Day.


Friday, March 09, 2007

Talk To Everyone!

You never know when you will meet great people, so be ready. If you are a seasoned networker, you are always prepared to make connections.

I was on a flight to California yesterday and sat with some great folks from a San Diego company. The CEO, Bill, was one of the most engaging people I have ever had the pleasure of talking with. He was a very successful businessman and had constructed a phenominal business, but was also a very nice, well-rounded person, who had many great stories to share.

I learned a lot from him in just a couple of hours of conversation. If you are aware of those around you, mini-mentors will appear and pass along their wisdom. This can have a material impact on your life if you are open to the lessons others can provide.

On the next leg of my travels I sat next to Andy, an aggressive young professional with a very bright career path and personal future. You can tell when you meet someone still youthful, but genuinely has success coded into their DNA. He has big plans and I predict he is one day just like the CEO from the first flight! In addition to his managing a sales team for a cool and growing company, his family is also in the wine business (how cool is that!).

Both of these gentlemen had an impact on me. I was inspired by how they view the world and their enthusiasm was contagious. I hope to follow up with each of them, as they are the type of people that you want to have in your network of professional contacts. They are the type of people you would want as your friends!

I encourage you to always be ready to meet the people around you, whether you are on a plane, in line at Starbucks, waiting in the doctors office, etc....

Obviously you will not always find people who want to chat with you...but when you do, you just might discover gold. Everyone has something from which you can learn.

Have A Great Day.


Thursday, March 08, 2007

Networking Wisdom From Ireland (Besides The Sage Advice of "Always Network Over A Glass Of Guiness!!!)

I recently exchanged emails with a delightful woman from Dublin, Ireland who is that country's leading expert on networking. I visited her website and found the following list of important "Do's" (and a list of "Don't's", which I will post later). This is a great list.

A precious gem from the Emerald Island (My mother was another...although born in Los Angeles, she was 100% an Irish Lass).

Ireland is quickly becoming the most amazing place in the European Union for business. They are booming, and the sky is the limit. And, they embrace the importance of building and cultivating a professional network, which can only lead to greater success.

Networking Do's

Do keep in mind that networking is about being genuine and authentic, building trust and relationships, and seeing how you can help others.

Do lead by example - pass on contacts, newspaper clippings, etc. that you think might be of interest to someone else in your network.

Do make sure you put in a follow up call/email after you have passed a contact along see how it went.

Do invite newcomers into the conversation next time you may be the newcomer looking for a welcome!

Do shake hands and make eye contact.

Do be confident and welcoming without being too OTT.

Do keep your business cards neat and tidy - use a business card wallet or an antique cigarette case to keep the dog-ears at bay.

Do carry a pen to make notes on the cards you collect - date, function/event, other relevant details. Also make a note if you think the person you have just met would be worth introducing to someone else in your network.

Do tell people what you are looking for - business and personal within reason.

Do ask someone you know to introduce you to someone you particularly want to meet.

Do stay in touch when you need nothing from the other person.

Do be involved - be seen on the scene.

Do pass on praise that you have heard.

Do follow up, follow up, and follow up in a Timely and Appropriately Persistent Manner (TAP).

© 2002 TiG Alliance. All rights reserved.

Have A Great Day.


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

To Whom Much Is Given.....

"To whom much is given, much is expected" - Luke 12:48

It is true. I feel very fortunate, and have a desire to be able to give back to others in a meaningful way.

My family just completed the paperwork to establish the "Kate Singer Endowment for Cranio-Facial Surgery" through the Children's Medical Foundation of Central Texas.

A portion of the proceeds that I earn from my books and speaking opportunities will be donated to this cause, until a time that the endowment is fully funded.

My daughter Kate was born with a condition called Sagital Synostosis, where her skull was fused together prematurely (this should not have happened until she was a teenager). As her brain grew, it caused a her head to become severely deformed. This was not a fun time for our family. She was only four months old when diagnosed, and had to undergo invasive surgery that removed the top of her skull.

We traveled to San Diego for the surgery, and had phenomenal doctors at the amazing Children's Hospital of San Diego. We return every year for a check up, but Kate is doing great, the bones in her head have grown back, and she should have no other problems. She is now five year old, and has no memory of the ordeal she faced as a baby (her mother and I will never forget). Her head looks normal, and she is smart as a whip!

In just a few months the new Children's hospital in Central Texas will open in Austin. This state of the art facility did not exist five years ago, but it will soon be a premier treatment center for children. I was thrilled to hear that they have established a Cranio-Facial surgery program.

We want to help others who will one day face the trauma we went through, and hope this endowment will, in a very small way, have an impact on the research of new ways to treat those with cranio-synostosis and related syndromes.

Have A Great Day.


Arena Football

I had never attended an Arena Football game until Sunday. The Austin Wranglers have been around for a few years, but it had never appealed to me to go watch a football game played on a short field inside a basketball arena. Turns out, it was GREAT.

My family joined some friends for the season home opener to watch the Wranglers vs. the Las Vegas Gladiators. My kids really enjoy sporting events, so we figured it was a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Since we have no major league teams in Austin (although the University of Texas Longhorns do dominate the sports scene!), we try to go to an occasional minor league baseball, hockey or basketball game.

The Arena Football League has done a great job of creating an exciting family friendly experience. The games are fast paced, engaging, and hard-hitting. The kids love the action, and all the regular hoopla of a attending games (the cotton candy, souvenirs, and t-shirts being tossed to the crowd). My ten-year-old likes to watch sports and kept her eyes on every play. My five-year-old had fun socializing with another kid who was with us, and loved the cheerleaders (she announced that she wants to be a cheerleader when she grows up! This adds to the list of "teacher, mommy, horseback rider, doctor and rockstar).

The rules of the game are a little different than your normal football game, but I like how the ball stays in play when bouncing off the nets. The differences are minor, and you pick it up fast.

Following the game the fans get to spill onto the field and the players, coaches and cheerleaders stay around to sign autographs.

As for an affordable family activity, Arena Football was fantastic. Having attended, we will definitely go again. The schedule has eight home games, and we will surely go back soon!

I am also spinning my mind to figure out how to create a client/prospect event at a future game. I was very impressed with everything about the Wranglers organization, and think that more people need to discover this local treasure. The arena was less than half full, and this is a disappointment for both the team and the community.

The AFL has nineteen teams around the United States, so if you live in an AFL city, and have never experienced Arena Football....then get yourself out to a game. You will not be disappointed, and you can have your football fix during the spring!

Have A Great Day.


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

You Can't Hide Your Passion Under A Basket

While attending the Austin Business Bloggers Dinner last night (First Monday of the Month, 5:30 at Guero's) I heard a great quote from uber-blogger John Moore of The Brand Autopsy Blog. He powerfully stated that, "Passion Attracts Passion!", encouraging a new blogger to only write posts for which he is deeply inspired.

He is right. Regardless of what you do for a living, you need to let your passion shine through if you want to succeed. It is like a magnet, drawing others to your cause.

If you are currently working in a job you do not love....that will be visible to everyone around you. On the flip side, if you are on-fire about your career....the world will know it.

John is correct, PASSION ATTRACTS PASSION! Those who are passionate are drawn to others who share that special spark about life. And those who are stuck in the mud are usually surrounded by others who are equally stuck.

Look around at those in your life. It is like looking in a mirror. If you are not impressed with what you see, and you might feel you need new friends! To find those new friends, examine your attitude toward everything you do. You can't hide your passion under a basket, it will always shine through. Find passion and others will find you.

Have A Great Day.


Monday, March 05, 2007

Networking Carnival - 6th Carnival

Brian Tannenbaum is the host of the 6th Edition of the Networking Carnival and has done an AMAZING job with compiling some great posts and sage advice.

I suggest you get some popcorn and sit back to read these nuggets of networking knowledge.

Do you want to host the 7th edition of The Networking Carnival on your blog??? You can, just send me an email at


Sunday, March 04, 2007

Self Promotion

Michael Feuer, co-founder of OfficeMax, wrote an article in Smart Business recently on the importance of self promotion.

Many people frown on self-promotion. They think that they are being braggadocios if they tell others about their accomplishments. But Mr. Feuer assures us that "there is nothing insidious, egomaniacal or inappropriate about letting others know what you do well, how you do it and why you're doing it". He is not encouraging one be a shameless self-promoter, but instead relating that it is up to you to communicate your strengths to the outside world. If you are the best-kept secret, nobody will know you exist....and thus they cannot purchase your products or services.

He compares self-promotion to flirting. It is not flirting if the other person does not see you. You can't flirt in the dark!

Whether you want to raise money for a business idea, get credit for something your company has accomplished, or simply make sure you boss knows you exist, the process is simple. However, the information you share must have substance, be fact based and deliver value.

Your self-communications also need to be newsworthy. If you don't get people's attention, you will never get them interested....and you cannot self-promote everyday, as people will tire of your endless dribble about "moi". Plan ahead for what it is that you want others to know about you, and then be sure you tell them. Nobody will do it for you!

Have A Great Day.


Thank You New Subscribers

In the past two weeks there has been a rush of new subscribers to "The Some Assembly Required Blog". This makes me happy. Thank you to everyone, new and old, who gets my posts delivered to their in-box. I hope that my thoughts, insights, rants, raves, personal stories and unsolicited advice continue to live up to your expectations.

To subscribe, look to the sidebar on the right and add your email address into the box in the "subscribe to this blog" section.

Thank you!


Friday, March 02, 2007

Friday Parade - Simba Wins

A week ago today I took my five-year-old to see the traveling Broadway production of The Lion King. The original plan was for my older daughter and I to attend the Friday night performance, and Kate and her mom would go to the Sunday matinee. Alas, Jackie had a karate test on Friday night, so we switched.

An evening show is a long night for someone who is five....even a production as amazing as The Lion King. Around 10:30 PM she began to fall asleep. I tried to wake her with the assurance that there was only ten more minutes.

Kate looked me right in the eyes and said, "Dad, I have seen the movie....Simba wins!". With that she fell asleep.

And that he did.

Have A Great Day.