Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Praise Others Project (December 20th) - Joe Calloway

Joe Calloway is a branding consultant, business author, and restaurant owner whose client list reads like a “Who’s Who” in business. From Saks Fifth Avenue and BMW to American Express and IBM, a wide range of companies depend on Joe for insight into today’s marketplace.

When I read his first book, Becoming A Category Of One, I was an instant fan. This book spells out how extraordinary companies transcend the ordinary and shine in an over-crowded field. Calloway says:
"Deciding to go is the first step on the journey to greatness and becoming a Category of One. Unfortunately, it’s also the step usually not taken. Most companies never decide to go. They never make the decision to become extraordinary. What they do is make the decision to talk about becoming extraordinary or to have meetings about becoming extraordinary or write mission statements about becoming extraordinary. But they never truly make a commitment that takes hold, becomes real, and creates a new level of
Calloway is a celebrated professional speaker, although I have not yet had the privilege to hear him on the platform, his reputation is that he delivers some of the most energetic talks in today's business world. His new book, Indispensable, is now available and is on the top of my holiday wish list (hint, hint to my wife!).

I admire Joe Calloway and wanted to include him in "The Praise Others Project". I look at him as a role model for my own career. Becoming A Category Of One is among the best books I have ever read.

If you are looking for an amazing book to read over the holiday to your local bookstore!

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