Friday, December 01, 2006

Praise Others Project (December 1st) - Steve Harper

I met Steve Harper eighteen months ago when he released his book, The Ripple Effect. Steve lives Austin, Texas (where I live), and since we were both about to complete books on the topic of "networking", we were introduced by a mutual friend. How we had never met before was surprising, as we both knew many of the same people in Austin and beyond.

Steve is more than just the author of a great book, he his a successful entrepreneur, blogger, business consultant, devoted family-man, friend, coach, speaker/trainer, coffee house stalker, and all around good guy.

He has a post on his blog this week that is right in line with the theme of "The Praise Others Project", where he talks about being happy for others success, rather than feeling that their victory diminishes your own. He shares an analogy about if one person has more pie it is not taking away from your own pie. He is right about that. My father always taught "be happy with the good things you have in your life and not so concerned with other people's stuff".

Steve is more than just a slice of pie....he is the whole dessert tray!!! You should read his blog and his book...and if you live in Austin, Texas - you should attend one of his "8 Minute Ripple Seminars".

Have A Great Day.


Tune in everyday in December for The Praise Others Project.

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Steve Harper said...


Thank you so much for such a great post. I am humbled and honored by your comments. Know I feel exactly the same way about you my friend!

Thank you!

Ripple On!

Steve Harper

Anonymous said...

What a great guy to start with! I'm going to link to this blog so everyone can see who else you come up with!