Monday, August 06, 2007

Networking Carnival - August 2007. Great Tips For Networking And Business Development

In June there were only a few posts for the Networking Carnival. This month my inbox was bombarded with some great posts from amazing bloggers.

I was also over-run with posts that had nothing to do with networking or business development. If you want a carnival about search engine optimization, accounting, time management, politics, medical breakthroughs, religion or a commercial for your business, then start your own carnival. Do not submit unrelated articles to me thinking I will give you free links to blogs that do not relate to this topic. I hate all the SPAM I get from people who send me things from left field.

But these articles are great, so grab a cup of coffee or tea and click on each link and devour these posts.

1. Jay Deragon gives us When Will We Get More Time?

3. Ian Fernando gives us Don't Be A One Time Networker

4. Alexandra Levit gives us Inspiring Story of an Incredible Career Switch

5. Josh Hinds gives us Networking Made Easy

7. Alexandra Levit gives us Six Tips For Blanking On Someone's Name

Jay Deragon gives us Markets Are Relationships

10. Nerd Guru gives us Two Unsuccessful People + A Good Connection = Elaine Benes

Have A Great Day.



Pete Johnson said...

Hi Thom,

Thanks for the inclusion. I hope we get a chance to meet the next time I'm in Austin.

Pete Johnson Chief Architect
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Liz said...

Great set of posts. I would love to toss my post, "Networking Can Be Like Money in the Bank" into the mix too if that is ok.