Friday, August 24, 2007

66 Tips For Better Networking - # 28

Route 66 - The Journey Toward Success

Sing Their Praises

Be sure that when you interact with other people that you are always talking up the amazing folks who already make up your network. Sing the praises of others as if you were part of their word of mouth marketing team.

One of the mistakes that people make in networking is that they only talk about themselves or they just ask questions of the other person. While just talking about yourself is bad, and being inquisitive of others is important, it is not enough. One needs to advertise the the highlights of people who are not present, as it shows that you are conscious of how those in your network impact the world.

If you make it a habit to regularly spreading news of people's good works, it will get around. Nobody can ever think negatively of someone who promotes them on a regular basis. This free advertising you spread cements your position as a valuable resource. Just as people hear whenever you say bad things about them (always avoid gossip, as it always finds its way back to the person you are talking about!), they will hear that you are praising them around town.

This vocal recognition about those you know will create opportunities for you to connect people within your network. Being a connector is one of the best reputations you can cultivate. You can begin by just letting others know about whom you admire and why. That is easy to do when you make it a habit of bragging on your friends.

Here is your assignment - Pick three people (who do not work with you) whom you admire. Now, tell five people about each of them before the end of the day tomorrow. The power of word of mouth begins with you! And by singing their praises you win too!

Have A Great Day.



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Anonymous said...

Thom, this is great advice. And it reminds me of a study I read about how if you are in a conversation with a person, and you say something negative about someone else, the person you are talking to immediately assumes (subconsciously) that you will say something negative about them.

Emphasizes to me what you wrote -- that positive energy duplicates itelf and negative energy does, too.