Tuesday, August 28, 2007

66 Tips For Better Networking - # 29

Route 66 - The Journey Toward Success


Sometimes you need to touch base with people to keep the relationship alive. There is not always a legitimate reason to contact someone other than to say "hello", but this gesture of showing you are thinking of them can keep you in the front of their mind.

In today's high tech world people are over-run by the number of people in their network of contacts. We know so many people, on a variety of levels, that it is impossible to keep in constant contact with everyone. To do so would consume your life. But to let relationships wither and die is not in your long term best interest.

For those who send holiday cards each December, you know the drill.....you review your list and have to decide to whom you will mail. If you are actively adding to your list, then the number of cards grows. Most people make the decision to pare down this list and eliminate folks from their mailings. There are some folks from college (and other eras of your past) on the list whom you have no active relationship with beside this holiday card, but you continue to send them the annual greeting anyway. To remove them from your list will end what little connecting that is still there, and sometimes you do not want to let go of someone amazing. People do drift apart, but with effort you can keep them in your life.

A once a year holiday photo is okay for old friends who have gone different directions, but with those who are part of your business network of professional contacts you must do more than an annual card in the mail. You must find other reasons to have continued touches with these people throughout the year. A minimum of four times per year besides sending them a bill for your services.

I make it a practice twice a year of going through my contact database and sending quick emails to people whom I have not had recent interactions. These emails are short and to the point of letting the other person know I am thinking of them. They might read something like:


Although I had not talked with you in a long time and thought of you today and wanted to touch base and say "hello". I hope that all is going well for you, please let me know what is new and exciting in your life. I hope our paths cross soon.


These emails usually prompt a reply from the other person, and sometimes lead to us taking action and meeting for coffee or lunch. This can then lead to business opportunities or referrals down the line.

Many people are not comfortable reaching out to those with whom they have lost contact, or to send an email without a purpose greater that to say "hey!". However, if you wait for the other person to make the effort, you might be waiting a long time. Be assertive to make sure they think of you from time to time.

You will be admired for taking the action to stay in contact.

Have A Great Day.


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