Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Internal Crossroads

Do you ever wonder what your life would be like if you had made different choices in life? Where would you be right now if you had selected a different college? (did you know at 17 the power that choice had on your future?). Imagine if you skipped meeting your girlfriends at the bar the night you met your husband? How would your life be changed if you had stayed in your first job indefinitely?

Life has so many twists and turns I often wonder how much it would have changed if I had made different choices. I never know if I am living a life of destiny or luck. I love my life, and would not desire too many things to be different, therefore I feel as if my choices have all been important, as they stack on top of each other in a unique manner that brings me to this exact moment.

Hmmmmm, so what should I do next? I look around and see glimpses of what could be in my future and I hope that I am smart in my subsequent steps. I know I am capable of making mistakes, as God knows I have made many, and that can stall my actions.

Action is the key to success. You can imagine your goals and visualize their metamorphosis into reality, but until you get off your ass and take action nothing happens.

I know this, as I often find myself caught in a limbo-like state. I want to move, but fear, the unknown and uncertainty keep me planted in my current spot. I smile and hope that something will happen, but unless I take action, then my dreams will remain allusive. Self-doubt can paralize me and I make no progress.

If you have the desire to achieve then you must find clarity in your soul. Know what is the right path toward your future. Begin your journey and trust your gut instincts. Reach out for opportunity and allow new experiences to unfold. I will....I hope you will too.

Have A Great Day.



Jeane Goforth said...

Thom, your blog hits home for me so often!
This post just about gives me chills, it strikes so close. A few months ago I reached an internal crossroads and chose to become a whistleblower. The changes have been whirlwind, overwhelming, and mostly positive, but with lots of sleepless nights and upset stomachs. I totally agree that "Action is the key to success." Thanks for doing such a fine job of putting into words what I'm thinking. It's like sunlight breaking through the overcast so I can see clearly where I'm going.

Anonymous said...

Amen brother Thom. I hope to find the peace you have found in your life's decisions.