Saturday, August 18, 2007

Brand Autospy at TEXCHANGE

Author, professional speaker, blogger and marketing guru John Moore was the speaker at the August meeting of TEXCHANGE in Austin, Texas.

John admits he is an unlikely professional speaker, as few orators talk with a stutter....but that does not stop this doctor of marketing from jump starting the audience into their round-table discussions on the topic of "Business Wisdom Brewed From The Grounds of Starbucks". In fact, John is an engaging and opinionated expert whose enthusiasm and first hand knowledge are all that you hear in his voice!

TEXCHANGE is Austin's premier high tech networking and educational organization, and you might be wondering what the B to C world of a coffee vendor has to do with Texas's fast technology community. Moore is confident that the lessons he learned in the marketing department in Seattle's coffee giant do ring true for B to B techies as well.

Let's face it, Starbucks sells high priced hot water. While the coffee is better than Denny's, there is more to the success of this International Corporate Icon than just beverages. Starbucks has made the common uncommon. Anyone who frequents the chain knows this because you do not order "small, medium or large", but rather "tall, grande or vente". This is uncommon, and while it confuses the novice (my 92 year old father still cannot figure out why they insist on calling the smallest drink a "tall"), it is part of the secret language of the devoted.

Moore insists that many companies spend tons of money on advertising and other programs to create a brand, meanwhile Starbucks was too busy creating customer experiences...and the brand just happened. The trick is to build relationships, not transactions.

Another valuable lesson shared is that all of your company's marketing has two audiences: your customers (including prospective customers) AND your employees. Get your staff jazzed about your business and they will get your customers jazzed. True. How many times have you seen lack luster attitudes in lack luster companies? Yet those organizations that seep electricity are populated by employees who are engaged in the mission of the company.

Moore connected with the audience and kicked off TEXCHANGE's new year in a double vente manner!

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