Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Renegade Networking Recommendations

Over at "The Blog of Tim Ferris", Tim has an interview with Christine Comaford-Lynch. She is a five time CEO (who took her companies public), author, high-level consultant and run-away success who never graduated high school. How cool is that! Her new book, Rules for Renegades, is one I am going to check out. This is what I LOVE about the blogosphere.....ten minutes ago I had not heard of this phenomenal women, now I am one of her fans! Thanks Tim.

Anyway, you should read the whole interview on his blog, but her answers to question number four is some of the best networking advice you can find:

4. If you could give just 3 unorthodox but critical recommendations to the aspiring uber-networker, what would they be?

1. Fall in love with people. They are fascinating–everyone has amazing stories of trials, triumphs, moments when they had epiphanies. Every day you are taught by people. It can be the mailman, the woman making me a cappuccino, anyone or anything. The more we pay attention, the more we see how we’re all students and teachers of each other. This also boosts our interest in people, which boosts our authenticity when networking.

2. Do the “drive-by schmooze.” We’re all busy, and we need to optimize our networking time. Here’s how:

-Set a specific amount of time to network, such as 30 minutes-Set a goal for the # of meaningful connections you want to make in that time, such as 5-Here’s the fun part: enter the room and stop your thoughts. Don’t look for VIPs, simply feel the room and let yourself be drawn to people. Then introduce yourself and ask what business they are in, how they got into it, and what their ideal customer is. DON’T talk about yourself.

If you know people who might be potential customers for them, or great possible connections, mention it. Write a few notes on their business card. Promise to follow up. Then do it. Make your personal brand synonymous with results. People say life is 90% about showing up. That’s nonsense. Life is 90% about following through.

3. Tell someone you appreciate them daily. This can be done via email, via the phone, or in person. Watch the person’s face light up as you genuinely express why you appreciate them. Then move on. You’re not doing this to get them to return the gesture. You’re doing it because it spreads great energy, it’s fun, and it strengthens your connection with the human race.

Christine, your words are right on the money! Everyone should listen to you!

Have A Great Day.



DJ FunkyGrrL said...

It's amazing how much one can 'network' by standing in line at a coffeeshop or grocery store. In a indirect way, it's possible to network without saying a word. I've met so many people just because they've seen me frequent a place at the same time. So normally what occurs, they come up and say, "Wow, I've seen you come in here for such a long time" or if outside the coffeehop, "don't I know you from somewhere? I see you all the time at Starbucks." :8)

Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoy Tim's blog, and thanks for making me aware of yours! FYI here are some free networking resources that may be helpful (see Cool Resources on www.RulesForRenegades.com for the complete list):

Rule 6: Learn to Love Networking

Accountability Partner Worksheet - An Accountability Partner may be just what you need to help you achieve your goals. Click now and schedule that unbreakable date. (3 pages, 49k)

Mastermind Group Worksheet - OK, time to stretch and partner yourself with a group of people with diverse skill sets. Click and start writing your list. (2 pages, 35k)

How to Create an Advisory Board - You need advisors to bounce ideas off of, to provide a reality check, to tell you when you’re about to mess up, to confide in when you’re alone at the top of the organization or department. Click and create. (3 pages, 42k)


thomsinger said...


thanks for stopping by the blog. I just ordered your book on Amazon yesterday, and look forward to reading it.


DJ- thanks to you too for coming by Some Assembly Required!