Tuesday, August 07, 2007

66 Tips For Better Networking - #24

Route 66 - The Journey Toward Success

Little Selfless Actions Matter

While listening to a CD in my car from success guru Jim Rohn I was touched by some advice that he shared with his audience. I am paraphrasing the below, but you get the idea:

Leave the environment, whatever environment, just a little better when you leave than when you arrived. Pick up your trash when you are in the park, AND pick up the trash left by other people (even if it is not your mess, you should clean it up anyway). Turn off the lights when you leave a room, even a hotel room (or any place that others are paying the electric bill). Do not waste water, fuel, food or other consumables, even if you can afford to pay for them. Be sure that there is some left for others. Make the things, places and people whom you encounter better for having you there.

This is not hard. It just takes a moment to impact the world around you. The little things that you do make a difference to those around you. Be courteous and polite to strangers and you will find that they will be nicer toward you.

In today's busy society people tend to forget that they are part of a larger landscape. It was like in one of the old Star Trek movies when Spock died. He sacrificed himself to save the Enterprise and it's crew. As he died, he told Dr. McCoy "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one". We see this attitude amongst our most impressive members of the United States Military, but we do not see it often enough in the general population.

I believe that life would be better if people just looked around for ways to be nicer to others (I am not saying that folks need to lay down their lives...just not be focused on themselves all the time!)

In Texas when someone lets you merge into traffic it is customary to give a short wave, a brief sign that you acknowledge the person for allowing you into their lane. While traveling last week I noticed that this is not done much in California. No wave, and I felt empty inside for having let the person into traffic. Not that I let them into my lane to recieve "the wave", but this made me realize that something as small as the wave of the hand can impact someones environment.

So do the small things and the world will be a better place Even a minor contribution could have a huge impact. If you are not thinking about this, then more than likely you will not take action, and it is actions that count!

Have A Great Day.

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