Wednesday, August 08, 2007

66 Tips For Better Networking - #25

Route 66 -The Journey Toward Success

Be Extraordinary

You have the ability to impact the world around you. All of us can make a difference in countless ways. The trick is to behave in a manner that shows your extraordinary talents and allow the world to soak up the spectacular you.

Be clear about who you are when you are at your best. All of us have unique contributions that we fail to allow to shine. We hide behind our fears of what others will think. Sometime around high school we all became concerned with being "cool". This obsession with "coolness" never goes away as people mature. Instead some live their lives worried about the how others see them, and it limits their ability to being extraordinary.

Are the people around you extraordinary? If you want to excel you need to have interesting and intriguing friends who challenge you and hold you accountable to your potential. If the people whom you call your friends are not upbeat and inspirational...then you are probably being held back from your God given levels of achievement.

Decide today that you are going to do more with your everyday life. Start small. Look at your current daily activities and find ways to put some "umph" in how you tackle the little tasks. Become that person who is known for having that extra spark in their step, regardless of what they are doing. Leave the whining and complaining to someone else.

Look at those who are the most admired and most successful in the business world. How many of these extraordinary people are known for being "blah" in their efforts? None of them. Extraordinary people are not "blah"...therefore you do not want to behave in an even keel manner, either. To shine you must sparkle.

Embrace each task that you have to accomplish and put your heart into the efforts. Become known for your hard work and successful achievements. Take Nike's advice and "Just Do It" for every item on your daily "To Do List". Do not quit until you succeed. Sure, you will fail along the way, but extraordinary people do not stop when they stumble...they get up and keep going...thus it is not a failure at all...but rather a speed bump.

You have the power already, like Dorothy and her red shoes. Go forth and be extraordinary!

Have A Great Day.


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