Tuesday, August 14, 2007

66 Tips For Better Networking - #26

Route 66 - The Journey Toward Success

Walk The Talk

To have long term relationships with people you have to be true to yourself and live life that you project. Your reputation is a brand, and a brand is a promise. Just as a corporation must ensure that they always perform in line with their brand, you must live up to the reputation that you build. This means that you have to act in a manner that does not conflict with how you present yourself and meets the expectations of those around you.

This is important, but not always easy. Many try to project an image of perfection when they meet others. Somewhere along their path they decided that in business they are expected to be more than they are , so they create a facade for their professional life. The problem is that it is impossible to be "perfect" (what is perfect anyway?) or to keep up the image of being something you are not. Eventually these people stumble and are exposed for not being what the claimed.

Thus the only course of action is to be honest about your experiences, strengths, and weaknesses. Never try influence people into a false impression of you. Your good and bad qualities are part of your reality. I am not saying you need to advertise you faults, but over a lifetime you cannot cover them up! It is better to be comfortable with your whole self and realize that everyone has their own issues that they deal with internally.

Being human is tough. We all make mistakes and stumble along our journey toward success. When you have a mis-step, own it. People can be very forgiving of someone who is proactive in accepting their own failures. The trick here is not to constantly repeat the same transgressions over and over. Repeating the same mistakes is a clear sign that the blemish is part of you, not simply a bump on your otherwise stellar record.

If you act consistently toward everyone, then you need not ever waste your time and effort trying to recall what fibs you weaved into the fabric of your life's tapestry. It is easier when the truth is just the truth. Even the embarrassing and painful parts of your life are part of the primal mix that make you who you are, and thus they are an important ingredient.

I have made lots of mistakes along the way (sorry, I am not going to advertise them!!!), but I have learned from them and I hope that these lessons make me a better man. I try not to repeat the stupid things I have done or said, and hope that those people whom I cherish in my life view me in a positive light. However, I do not worry if everyone will like me, because I know that is not the reality.

I have realized not to be concerned with those who are judgmental and watching from the sidelines hoping I will stumble. Instead I attempt to "walk the talk", and pick myself up when I trip!

Have A Great Day.


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