Wednesday, August 01, 2007

You Already Know What Success Looks Like - Reach Out

Take out a pen and paper. Yes, I mean it.

Who are the five people whom you know personally (you must know them well enough that they will take your phone call) that you most admire? Write their names down on the paper.

Now, what is it about them that is impressive and worthy of your attention? Record these traits on the same paper.

Finally, what can they teach you that would make your life better and lead you toward success. Yes, write it down!

Now call your friends and talk to them. Tell them that some silly blogger made you do this exercise and you thought of them. Let them know what you admire about how they lead their life and ask them if they could spare one hour over the next month to meet with you and help you discover this important piece in your journey toward success. meet with them. Listen. Learn. Take appropriate action.

Have A Great Day.


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