Friday, April 03, 2009

ONE STEP TOWARD SUCCESS - Tell People What You Desire

I write often about the importance of letting others know what you want to accomplish in life. If you do not tell them, they cannot serve as the link that connects you to your future.

Sometimes it is a friend who holds the answers, while some crossroads are mapped by complete strangers. If you keep your goals, dreams and desires to yourself, then you are missing out on the fastest path to success.

Last fall I received a phone call from Pam Sherman. Pam is a former practicing attorney, a writer, entrepreneur, consultant, trainer, speaker, and much much more. She had read my book, The ABC's of Networking, and referred it to several of her clients. She reached out just to tell me how she appreciated the motivational advice in the book.

When we spoke, I was boarding an airplane to fly to Phoenix to give a speech. She was in the back of a cab in New York City on her way to a client's office. We did not have much time to talk, but we had a great conversation. I could tell right away that she is a powerful personality.

At the end of our conversation she mentioned her desire to complete her first book, a compilation of articles she had written. I referred her to Dave at New Year Publishing. I figured if nothing else, he would have some useful ideas that could help her make the book a reality.

Six months later Pam's book, The Suburban Outlaw, is now in print and Pam has joined the New Year Publishing author family. (Available at

I love this story. It is a simple reminder not to hide your dreams under a blanket. Instead, tell others what you want in life. A stranger on a plane 2000 miles away might have the phone number to your next project. The ONE step toward success is to simply tell others what you desire!

I believe in people. I have seen countless others lend me a hand and pull me up to higher levels time after time. I am confident that there are catalysts around every corner who can change our worlds for the better.... if we just give them a chance.

Pam has returned the favor and introduced me to possible speaking opportunities with groups like Young Presidents Organization and others. She is someone whom I know will become a good friend, too. All from a phone call.

Have A Great Day.


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Tim Homan said...

Glad to see New Year growing. Great story! Have a great weekend.