Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Tax Day

It happens every year on April 15th. For as long as I can recall it is a major media event that gets coverage from the local, regional and national news. In every city across the country you will find some junior television reporter standing outside the "Main Post Office" interviewing people who drive up to place their tax returns into the mailbox.

It is nutty that our society finds placing envelopes into the mail so worthy of media coverage.

Now there are these "Tea Party" protests happening in over 50 cities. It seems that these gatherings were designed by Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, and other news outlets .... as they have all sent crews to each of these towns looking to find stories.

Apparently there is no other news today that requires coverage.

It seems that this anti-government tax protest has become a major pissing match between the far right and the far left. The feeling is that anyone who does not love taxation is against Obama (Ummmm, Obama did not invent taxes). I think that most people agree that our tax code is screwed up - and it has nothing to do with what side of the political line they stand on. It certainly has NOTHING to do with our current administration.

Am I wrong?

I will admit, that as an "Extreme Centrist" politically I try to avoid paying too much attention to anything that the far left and the far right do that involves painting signs and jumping on command for Katie Couric's cameraman. This whole "Tea Party" thing has some folks I know fired up, and others are seething with vile disgust over the citizens with different views holding a protest.

Funny, that protests annoy the left when they are organized by the right... and they annoy the right when they are hosted by the left. See the similarities?

See, as an "Extreme Centrist" I have come to see our political system as performance art. The far left and far right are both so filled with hate in their soul that they are more comedy and tragedy than relevant. But they get the press, so they have the power.

My prediction - Nothing is going to change. The far right and far left will be flinging arrows at each other while the rest of us just sit there and watch for decades. Unless... the centrists unite.... which wont happen.

Have A Great Day.


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