Thursday, April 30, 2009

Everything About Today is Enchanting

New York Times reporter Jeff Zeleny had the privilege of asking President Obama one of the 13 questions in last night's "100 Days In Office" prime-time press conference.

He asked the leader of the free world what "enchanted" him about his short term in office.

This question has set off a ton of discussion from the right and the left on cable news and talk radio. The far right is screaming that with so few questions, the Times tossed an asinine softball query. The far left thinks that Zeleny was captivating in his intellectual choice of words and that the question was a fine example of political journalism. (Both are spending too much time on this topic)

The truth lies in the middle. While the NY Times has the right to ask any question of Mr. Obama, I think that the "paper of record" would be horribly embarrassed by this question and would reprimand Zeleny for wasting the time of the President and the American people. If there is only be time for a bakers dozen of questions, we should all expect more. But that was yesterday.

Now "enchanted" is not a word that comes up in regular daily conversation. According to the word means: "to subject to magical influence; bewitch: 'fairytales about witches who enchant handsome princes and beautiful maidens'."

So here is my challenge to everyone who reads this blog post. Work this word "enchant(ed)" into normal conversation 5 times today. I just asked people on Twitter "what enchants you about using Twitter"... which lead to interesting comments!

Try asking your boss how you company "enchanted" customers this week. Ask your children what was "enchanting" about school today. Inquire from the waiter or waitress at lunch if any particular meal on the menu would has the power to "enchant" your taste buds.

I am enchanted by turning something useless (like Mr. Zeleny's question to Barak Obama) into something silly, fun, and different.

The spell is cast. Everything today is enchanting!

Have A Great Day.


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