Monday, March 30, 2009

Learning From The Critics

Handling praise is much easier than handling criticism. But it is the critics who, when listened to with a discerning ear, can help us grow.

Constructive guidance is vital to those who want to expand their universe.

Many people, myself included, when slapped with our own faults, mistakes, or judgments by others will lean toward justification. We want to defend and explain.

But sometimes we are best suited if we quietly reflect the realities of the situation. A deep breath and time to reflect and understand the other players in the moment will bring us perspective.

We cannot go back and correct history, and over explanation will always fall on deaf ears.

I suggest taking time to contemplate how to improve for the future, and moving forward.

I write this now, as I possess the jumble of feelings. I got an email from a friend with views that were not on target, but perception is reality. The larger issue is that those who spoke words behind my back will not ever be known to me. I could fret the issue, or smile and look for ways to improve tomorrow and become more than I was today.

The only way to avoid the naysayers and those who impose judgment is to be a hermit. Alas, not a good choice for me, so I look for those who will teach me along my path. Some teachers will bring pain. Others will spread joy.

I am sincere in my quest to expand my universe and discover how to make an impact. With this as my quest I am confident that I will stack the wiles of experience on the backs of those who criticize. The trick is to not be one of them in my own discourse with others.

Have A Great Day


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Pete Monfre said...

GREAT ARTICLE! In fact, I would add that it is even more effective to bring in an outside, objective third party to perform interviews with your clients. The reason being is that your clients may be hesitant to tell you the real nitty gritty - they probably like you but are uncomfortable communicating this kind of information. However, they will be far more willing to share with a third party - especially if the process is done with anonymity. I do these things all the time for my clients and I am always stunned by the quality of the information uncovered. There is no faster way to identify issues that may be hurting your growth, and eliminating them.