Friday, April 17, 2009

OK, You Really Should Invest Seven Minutes To Watch This Clip!

Sometimes there are things on the internet that go overly viral to the point that people tune them out. Viral is not as cool when it becomes mainstream (Unless it is Oprah joining Twitter, then people feel it is new and fresh.... I know, I don't get the hype on Oprah and her leap to tweet).

For several few days I have heard too much buzz about Susan Boyle, and have avoid viewing her on YouTube because there was mass "over-hype" and I thought I did not care to see the frumpy woman sing. Susan is the 47-year-old out of work woman who recently sang on Season 11 of "Britain's Got Talent" (Yes folks, "America's Got Talent" is a copy-cat. Simon Cowell is a judge on both and usually just as mean!).

I saw part of the clip on the news and on a whim clicked through a link to YouTube that someone had posted on Twitter. The whole segment is seven minutes long. It is worth watching. It is one of those "wake up calls" that reminds you to never prejudge people because of their hair or clothes.

Susan Boyle rocked the house
with her song from the musical "Les Miserables".

YouTube has blocked the ability to embed the clip in my blog, but I suggest you CLICK HERE and go see this one.

It will make you smile. The cynical Simon Cowell's reaction is classic. If, like me, you love to root for the underdog, then you will cheer for this woman's success.

Have A Great Day.


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