Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm Confused

After watching all the news about these "Tea Party" protests government taxes, I can't figure out what anyone wants.

Are they protesting all taxes? Ummm, how would we have road, schools, Army, etc... We need to have taxes, folks.

Are they protesting the overly complex tax code? Ok, I agree, our tax system is so screwed up than anyone who does not think this is either much smarter than me... or lying. We have let the tax code get so complex that it means nobody can figure it out, not even the people who work for the government.

Are they looking for a "fair" percentage to pay in taxes? "Fair" is a subjective term so you can never find that number.

Or... are these protests just another reason for the right and left to run around and say nasty shit about each other? It seems like a chance for those who don't like Mr. Obama to run around in the streets and "glam" for the camera. Meanwhile it is a chance for the President's supporters to run around and keep busy, since they have had little to do since the election.

I believe that Barak Obama is doing a fine job. Regardless of politics, he is the President and that deserves respect and honor. Besides, he has been in office about 35 minutes.... can we please give the man a chance to govern? The right HATED it when the left treated George W. Bush poorly at every turn ... and yet instead of demonstrating how they would have wished the Democrats should have behaved,.... they act like jerks. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. It is a never ending circle.

Seems to me the far right are all in one voice thinking these "tea parties" are amazing. And the far left is commenting on how awful the demonstrators are as people. It is funny to see people making this about "right" and "left". Is it really? Or are people just jumping in support of "their team"????

I am getting sick and tired of all this lock-step "Republican" and "Democrat" stuff. When do we act like Americans first? I am tired of all of it. If you are a partisan, you are equally as guilty as the people on the other side. Really, you are like twins. STOP THE INSANITY and let's find a way to make the needs of America come BEFORE a victory for the political parties.

I tell you, this "Extreme Centrist" stuff is catching on.



reinkefj said...

>I can't figure out what anyone wants.

"We" want "honesty" in government. We're being spent down a rat hole. The treasury is being raided to fatten the cats. And, so many "blank checks" are being written "guarantying" stuff.

>We need to have taxes, folks.

NO! We don't. We didn't have income taxes until 1913.

>I believe that Barak Obama is doing a fine job.

I don't! He signed the speding bill. He "rescued" GM; should have sent it to Chapter 11. And, so many other mistakes.

>can we please give the man a chance

Nope, sorry, you have to come prepared, experience, and with the character to make a fast good start. And, you should have known at least a few people who paid their taxes. The President is judged by the people he picks in key roles.

>I am getting sick and tired of all this lock-step "Republican" and "Democrat" stuff.

There we agree. There is no difference between the big gooferment R's and the big gooferment D's. They should all be thrown out.

>the needs of America

American need liberty. Cut the Federal gooferment back to 1900 levels. Kill the Ag Dept, the TSA, Homeland Security aka the USA's SS, HHS, FDA, etc. etc. etc.

There's a lot to cut.

Chris L said...


Love you Love your blog.

I don't like when people cheer on a party no matter what. I can honestly say it annoys me even when they agree with me.

However isn't cheering on "Centrism" no matter what just as bad. 1 party says X and the other says Y...I don't think it is a given that the right answer is necessarily some middle ground between X and Y.

Aren't there some things that are good/right and shouldn't be compromised on? Aren't there some things that bad/wrong and are unacceptable? Wouldn't standing up and protesting some bad/wrong policy be a very American thing to do?

I'm sure there are people on both sides of the protests that are genuine in their feelings without being "lockstep" with one of the parties.