Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cool Car For The Senior Prom

Remember when you were a senior in high school and you wished you had a hip ride to the prom?

One enterprising Silicon Valley high school senior wants something better than his 1999 beat up sedan or the choice of taking mom's Honda. Thus, he has started

His hope is that some local CEO / entrepreneur of a local tech company is just crazy enough to lend him is swank BMW -- or better yet.... a local auto dealer will become his Wizard Godfather and turn his pumpkin into a stylish coach for transportation to and from the ball.

Will someone come forward and make this kid's dream come true? Maybe... maybe not. But I admire the entrepreneurial spirit of an 18-year-old who sees what he wants and creates a creative path to reach his goal.

This is proof that the future of the world is in good hands with the next generation. We need leaders who are willing to try unique things and blaze unconventional paths to victory!!!

I asked this kid why he didn't simply rent a limo? He replied that it was too much money for his budget, and that it was certainly over-done. He wants to live his life by not just being part of the pack. He want to do more than with his life!!!

I think that a Porsche, BMW, Mercedes or other high end dealership should step up and get these kids to the prom in style. Or better yet, isn't Tesla Motors based in the Silicon Valley? A Tesla would rock as a Cool Prom Car!!!

Check out his site at

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Jennifer Fink said...

My 1st thought was that he's just another example of the current generation thinking they "deserve" everything they want. (Doesn't *that* make me sound old?!?) But after looking at his site, I, too, give him credit. He's right: most opportunities come from other people, and if you don't ask, you never know.


Quest said...


Wow, I wish I was thinking the way this kid is thinking when I was in high school. I pray someone notices this kid and helps him to maximize his entrepreneurial insight. BMZ, Mercedes, or other high-end cars could certainly benefit from the exposure and they could potentially be opening up another demographic to explore in marketing their product. Well, that is my two cent. Thanks for sharing, awesome post.