Saturday, April 18, 2009

International "Reconnect With An Old Friend" Week - May 4-8, 2009

Please join me in promoting International "Reconnect With An Old Friend" Week - May 4th through May 8th, 2009.

Sponsored by New Year Publishing and the "Some Assembly Required" networking book series, this event is meant to remind people that reconnecting with old friends is a great way to expand your network -- and makes you (and those you reconnect with) feel good at the same time.

It takes time to establish meaningful connections with other people. The idea that meeting somebody once and sending them a Facebook "friend request" makes them part of your network is wrong. It takes multiple interactions, shared experiences and mutual respect before somebody is a real friend. There are no shortcuts in establishing lasting bonds.

Reconnecting is much easier, as you already have all those things in place. The reality is that time, geography and life situations can cause people to drift apart. If a relationship is not cultivated it will die. Out of sight is out of mind.

During "Reconnect Week" people are encouraged to call old friends with whom they have had no contact with for over a year. As part of this call, share with them a specific memory that makes them a special part of your life.

Please tell others about this special week. Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc.... Spread the word, and then take action the week of May 4th.
Feel free to share your experiences in the comments section.

Have A Great Day.


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Beth Bridges said...

What a coincidence! Earlier this last week, one of my high school classmates posted a picture of me and several other girls on Facebook. A firestorm of discussion erupted because suddenly we remembered that one of the girls in the picture had been one of my closest friends in elementary school. We even had the same birthday. But she moved away in our freshman year. On a lark, I searched Facebook for her...

We found her! And she was so thrilled. She said she often thought of her "Auberry girls." Even better? She lives in Napa which is maybe a 4 hour drive from where we all live.

Now we're talking about a road trip ... to see someone we haven't seen in 25 years.

Now that's reconnecting with an old friend!!