Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lemonade Day

This Sunday (May 3, 2009) is Lemonade Day in Austin, Houston and several other cities. The program was founded to teach kids about entrepreneurship. vcfo is a sponsor and I have been volunteering to get the word out throughout Austin about this wonderful experience for children.

Here I am dressed as "LemonHead" at a kick-off event last weekend at the Austin Children's Museum. A good volunteer does what asked at such and event. I was asked to walk around with a giant plastic lemon on my head. I think I made some of the kids at the museum cry. :)

I don't know who made this video... but it made me laugh.

The real important infromation about Lemonade Day 2009 is at http://www.lemonadeday.org/

It is NOT too late to sign up and have your kids participate and embrace the spirit of being a real entrepreneur.
Have A Great Day.