Saturday, May 05, 2007

Putting Others First

Friday I met a guy named Chris. He is thirty-five years old and was passing through Austin on his way from Arizona to North Carolina. He is moving home to care for his ill mother who is battling cancer. He packed up all his possessions and was leaving his life behind to help his mother through this fight.... during what sounded like the end of her journey. He is an only child and his mother is a widow.

He was a nice guy. We talked for about an hour, and I was impressed with his outlook on the world. He is single, and thus had the ability to drop everything and take on this task, but even without a wife and kids, I cannot imagine this was an easy decision. I know first hand that caring for an ailing parent is a horrible experience.

I do not know much about my new friend other than his first name, but I admire him for his commitment to do the right thing for his mom. I know in the end he will have no regrets. When you put the needs of others before your own, there are always unimaginable positives that come back to you.

Godspeed, Chris. May the rest of your cross-country drive be a good experience. I wish you and your mother many blessings in the next few months or years.

Have A Great Day.


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