Sunday, May 13, 2007

Life Can Be A Hole-In-One!

Howard Tanner is a 90-year-old golfer in South Florida who has been playing his favorite sport for 78 years. This week he hit a hole in one!!

How cool is that? Most golfers will never achieve this amazing feat, and yet they still love the sport and play a round at every chance. Tanner said; "If you play that long, you figure something is going to go right!"

True in golf, and in life!

A round of golf involves eighteen holes, each one different from the next. Keep plugging along and doing what you love. Continue to try and victory could be around the next corner. Never get complacent or bored with your dreams, goals and aspirations. When you reach the end, it is not will come back again the next time! That is the path to greatness.

Have A Great Day.


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Anonymous said...

Thom, I really love the analogy. The "never say die" frame of mind has to prevail over the attitude that "if it's too hard, I won't do it". The only way to find success is to continually work for it.