Tuesday, May 01, 2007

All Boards Networking Event

Here is a great idea started by the Austin Chapter of The Entrepreneur's Organization. About a year ago they started co-hosting a local networking event for the board members of many of the area's top business groups. The purpose being to allow those individuals who are actively serving on committees of these phenomenal organizations to get to know each other better, and thus help each other in countless ways.

As you know if you serve on the board of any organization, it is a lot of work. Not everyone will volunteer their time to help execute all the tasks necessary to make a business non-profit group thrive. By introducing the folks from these organizations to each other is a wonderful opportunity for everyone involved.

They hold this event twice a year, and last night was an amazing success. Over 100 people showed up. Many folks already knew each other well, others found it to be an outstanding opportunity to expand their business networks. Everyone was interested in the mission and memberships of the various groups that exist in the Austin Business Community. Hosted by EO and TEXCHANGE (and sponsored by the Winstead law firm), over twenty business organizations were represented.

I write about this because most of the readers of this blog are from outside of the Austin area. This is an excellent idea for you to replicate in your community. You may want to start with your local Entrepreneur's Organization (they have chapters in most major cities!), and get them involved. Then reach out to the local business groups that exist in your town. You will need a sponsor and a location, but those should be easy because of the high level of local executives who populate the boards in your business community. Business groups are not in competition with each other, but instead they all can thrive together.

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