Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Make Networking Happen

Hugh McLeod at The Gaping Void Blog was in New York yesterday on a stop-over on a trip from Seattle back to his home in London. He had no plans, so while sitting in a Starbucks at Lexington and 44th (I was in that same Starbuck's last year) he posted on his highly read blog asking if anyone in the area was free for lunch.

WAMMO, within minutes his cell phone rang and he had lunch plans. He had lunch with two folks, one of whom he had met before. That is cool. 20 years ago if a famous artist/writer was waiting for a plane, he ate lunch solo. Today the world is a wired place where you can organize a get together with interesting people with just a few keystrokes and a cell phone.

I admire Hugh, as when he travels he is always open to meeting new people in the places he visits. He makes networking events happen. I look forward to his next visit to Austin, as I plan to buy his lunch.

Have A Great Day.


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