Saturday, May 05, 2007

Little Networking Gestures

I recently made an introduction of two people whom have a mutually beneficial connection. One of the women was apparently shocked that I would do such a thing to help her with no apparent benefit for myself (the connection was non-business related, but could be very helpful to a cause she supports). She was grateful, but it was obvious in her "thank you" and some comments to a mutual friend that she was dumbfounded by my gesture of goodwill.

Why was she surprised that someone she does not know well would go out of their way to do a favor?

I think it is because too few people do the little things to help others. Sure, people will help you if a hurricane blows your house over (humans are very compassionate in a disaster), but many cannot be bothered to take a moment to send an email making an introduction where others will prosper. I am fairly sure the surprised woman does not go out of her way to help others in small ways (I know she is very charitable in the big picture ways).

Making introductions is a great way to impact someones life. Often you will never even know about how these "little networking gestures" will come to fruition. Sometimes nothing will materialize from such introductions, other times it will forever impact lives. It is through people that opportunities arise. How wonderful to be the genesis of opportunity.

When I look at the most phenomenal parts of my life, they are all directly related to other people who have impacted my life. If I had never met the right people, I would have missed the chance to soar.

How well do you know the people in your Rolodex? Would you recognize a connection that could impact their life? If you look for small ways to help others, and you just might have a MEGA effect on their future.

Have A Great Day.


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