Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Jason Dorsey - A Class Act!

Over the past two years of writing this blog, promoting my books, and speaking to companies, law firms and organizations around the country I have had the opportunity to meet some outstanding people. It is a true blessing to have been in contact with exciting and enthusiastic individuals from many walks of life. Through these encounters I have learned more about the business world, human nature, life and my own soul.

This week I had the honor of spending an hour with a successful author and professional speaker who lives here in Austin, Texas. Jason Dorsey has written four best-selling books and has spoken to large audiences around the world. He has met presidents, business executives, celebrities, university presidents and hundreds of thousands of young adults. All that and he is still under thirty years old!

We met for coffee and talked about the book and speaking businesses. Jason was very gracious with his time and shared his thoughts and advice freely. As I have said many times, people who are truly successful professionally, spiritually and emotionally are always willing to lend a hand to others who are reaching for success.

How about you? Do you open up your calendar to help others who are looking to learn more about your line of work? If the answer is "no"...why not?

Jason has been growing his successful business for over ten years. He is quoted in the current issue of Forbes Magazine that hits the shelves this week, talking about "Generation Y in the workplace". He is an expert in all things related to youth in both the academic and workplace environments.

I stopped at BookPeople after our meeting and purchased his newest book, "My Reality Check Bounced", and I look forward to reading it this week. Although the book is for people who are "twenty-something" (I am over 40), it still seems like a relevant book for anyone looking for more out of life.

This guy is a class act.

Have A Great Day.


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