Saturday, May 26, 2007

Rosie O'Donnell Is Not A Business Professional, She Is A Diva (There Is A Difference!)

Rosie O'Donnell quit her TV show three weeks before her contract expired in a big hoopla following a fight with her "The View" co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck. This entire year of Rosie O'Donnell's reign on the morning talk show has certainly boosted the fame of the otherwise obscure program, but it has been a roller coaster ride that should leave ABC and Barbara Walters red with embarrassment. If the entertainment industry was run like a real business, ratings and sponsorships would evaporate.....but Hollywood is not like has its own set of rules.

Rosie has gone from being a very funny stand up comedienne/actress (lets not forget she began her career by winning on Ed McMahon's "Star Search" in the 1980's) to becoming an icon for what happens to celebrities who get too much money and too much fame and start to believe their own opinions as God-like....feeling a need to use their fame as a comic or actor to now shower the "little people" with their enlightened views. OH PLEASE!

Money, power and fame have the ability to give some people an un-natural level of self grandiose importance (this happens in the business world as well!!!). Regardless of your political and social beliefs, (this is not about Rosie's status as a left-wing spokesperson) I do not thing that anyone should to look at pampered Hollywood stars as the experts on any topic beyond the entertainment industry....and yet, in America....that is exactly what happens. Our society makes to the likes of Rosie O'Donnell, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, etc... important. The reality is that when celebrities get to this level, they are confusing their market (are they an entertainer or a political pundit?). In business if you confuse the marketplace, often the business fails. Not true in Tinseltown, you can be whatever you want to be in Fantasyland.

The problem is that if Rosie, and others like her, acted with grace and class they could not keep their famous stature at the top. There is always someone right behind them grabbing for the headlines and spotlights. In business there is also competition, but you keep your customers by being amazing at what you do...not by being pompous and spewing your words upon the masses. But we need to remember that the actions of many of these folks is just marketing for their careers. Rosie will find another show, and get paid a lot of money to say more outrageous stuff.

Being a diva is all about product placement for Ms. O'Donnell. She is her own product, and our lust to watch celebrity brings her millions of dollars. But in the corporate world, such negative crazy antics will backfire on a company. Being over the top might get an early bounce, but people vote with their dollars in business, and to succeed you need to have a quality product or service that brings actual value. Companies cannot succeed by hoping people will tune in to see them behave like a train wreck.

As a business professional, you would be fired, or asked to leave, if you behaved like Rosie O'Donnell. And it looks like that is what happened to her as well. Hmmmm, go figure.

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Steve Harper said...

BRAVO SINGER! I could not agree more!

Ripple On!!!

Anonymous said...

A thought about what's factual, my exposure to RO'D, and an opinion.

I'm not sure that she quit early, or they fired her, or it was by mutual agreement, or something else. So, I would be careful about saying who left whom. I wasn't a fly on the wall so I don't know.

I thought she was excellent when she was on her own show as the "queen of nice". She was rubbing our nose in her sexual preferences and liberal politics. And, she did good work for people who needed a hand. I love how she twisted the corporations for donations.

My opinion is that, in this case, RO'D was the aggrieved by Elizabeth's failure to answer a simple direct question. That was cowardly. And, from what I've red and heard, RO'D was right about not calling our troops terrorists.

RO'D has a lot of flaws who doesn't, but in this case, I think she's getting a bad rap.


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thomsinger said...


I appreciate your comments, and I was not there you are correct...I do not know why she left early...BUT she did leave before the end of her contract.

I did watch the whole video, an MY OPINION is that she was calling our troops "terrorists". But I guess people can argue both sides.

You are right that when she had her own show years ago she did a great job. I too liked her back then. But she has gotten so negative that and high and mighty that she is just a train wreck (my opinion, some love her over the top antics...I do not).

I don't think she is getting a bad rap, I think she sees herself in a highly elevated role to the rest of us in society. Again, just my opinion.

She is a great comic, and has done good for people....TRUE TRUE TRUE. If she would just stick to that, it would be fine and this discussion would not be needed.

Again, thank you thank you thank you for jumping in on the discussion on my blog. It is different opinions that make life fun and I welcome anyone to leave a comment who can be intelligent and share a different point of view. How can we learn and grow if only surrounded by those with the same outlook on the world (hey...isn't that the whole idea of "THE VIEW"???)