Sunday, March 04, 2007

Self Promotion

Michael Feuer, co-founder of OfficeMax, wrote an article in Smart Business recently on the importance of self promotion.

Many people frown on self-promotion. They think that they are being braggadocios if they tell others about their accomplishments. But Mr. Feuer assures us that "there is nothing insidious, egomaniacal or inappropriate about letting others know what you do well, how you do it and why you're doing it". He is not encouraging one be a shameless self-promoter, but instead relating that it is up to you to communicate your strengths to the outside world. If you are the best-kept secret, nobody will know you exist....and thus they cannot purchase your products or services.

He compares self-promotion to flirting. It is not flirting if the other person does not see you. You can't flirt in the dark!

Whether you want to raise money for a business idea, get credit for something your company has accomplished, or simply make sure you boss knows you exist, the process is simple. However, the information you share must have substance, be fact based and deliver value.

Your self-communications also need to be newsworthy. If you don't get people's attention, you will never get them interested....and you cannot self-promote everyday, as people will tire of your endless dribble about "moi". Plan ahead for what it is that you want others to know about you, and then be sure you tell them. Nobody will do it for you!

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Pete Monfre said...


Isn't there a saying in Texas that goes something like, "It ain't braggin' if it's true!"

Pete Monfre