Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Search For Something More Than You Have Today

Many of us are Seekers. Deep inside us, at our core, we desire more from our lives, our careers, our relationships, ... we crave more from ourselves. Not satisfied with where we are, we seek destiny. It is the way we are hard-wired. We do not know the exact thing that we seek, but we are driven to discover our potential.

Do you understand what I am saying? When you close your eyes and visualize the future, many can vaguely sense an image, just out of sight of what could be our triumph. That is what we pursue.

Do you look back at chapters in your life that are somehow incomplete? Is there that feeling of wishing you made different decisions that would have lead you to achieve a higher level of success. Anticipation tingles through your nervous system and there is a mysterious knowledge in your cells that calls out to you and outlines opportunity lost?

I hear it too. I am a Seeker. I seek to find that which will make me complete. I know that my future contains the answers for which I hunt, but I also know that I have missed the road signs in the past. Even with victory around me, I long to accomplish more.

I talk with many who share this internal calling of the soul. I think it is part of the normal human experience to try to better yourself. I hope that is true.

Do not shy from your instinct to seek. Embrace it. Search for something more than you have today. Be more. Feel more. Achieve more. Impact more. Influence more. Win more.

Reach out and make it your own. Whatever your secret heart desires can happen if you believe. I know that my dreams will happen if I take action. I can survive the bad times with the knowledge that the bad is temporary.

Share your vision of your future with others. Find a way to expand the good around you and impact someone in your world. Help others. Accept the help from others. Welcome the light that chases away the dark. Do not just seek...but find.

If this blog post touches you at some soul-ular level....forward it to someone else.

Have A Great Day.


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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Thom, once again for your inspiration!