Friday, March 30, 2007

Model The Masters

If what you are doing is not producing results, look for a new way.

When you are looking to develop new business, and are not hitting your desired numbers, you cannot just sit back and hope for better results - you need take fresh actions.

Look around at others in your industry. Are there people who are achieving the amazing levels of success that you desire? GREAT! If someone else can do it, so can you. Now you just need to figure out what it is that they know, what habits they possess, and what actions they take on a regular basis. Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of The Chicken Soup For The Soul series, says "Model The Masters". Discover what the successful people do and emulate them.

This is great advice for anyone. I once worked with a lawyer who wanted to get more clients, but did not want to "copy" what the most successful folks in his practice area did to promote himself. He did not "like" some of the more successful attorneys, and thus he wanted to have success, but not using the same legal marketing techniques. What he failed to realize is that successful actions produce results. Trying unproven or failed techniques wasted his time and he still has a mediocre book of business. But he is proud of himself for not "being like the other guys" (you know, the guys with all the clients!). ****Note, the successful attorneys were not doing anything illegal or immoral. The guy just did not like their personalities, and thus was only avoiding their marketing technique out of pride!

Once you know what the successful people in your industry do, you must leave your old habits behind and start acting like those at the top. This is hard. But just put one foot in front of the other and take action. Visualize yourself as the success you know you can be and act in that manner. The saying "actions speak louder than words" is very true. Once you take the actions, you will see the results. I know people who think about getting more clients, they hope for more clients, but they do nothing. Doing nothing produces nothing.

Now, look at your own situation. Did the above post make you think? Thinking is good. But now what. Will you just click away from here to the next blog, or will you step away from your computer and formulate a real plan to take action? The results depend on what you do right now.

Have a great day.


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Anonymous said...

Excellent post, Thom. When writing copy, I have always looked for what is working rather than trying to re-invent the wheel.

I think a lot of people feel they have to be "original".

The formula that has always worked for me is: model success and then tweak it slowly.

An what you said is right on about taking action. I can't count how many people (myself included) think so long about doing something and never get around to do it.

Great advice.